The Disappearance Of Etan Patz and, With Him, Another Age

By now, the world has learned of the possible fate of six-year-old Etan Patz who vanished during a short and, for him, unprecedented walk alone from his home to a school bus stop in New York's SoHo district one morning in May, 1979.

Just last week and, dramatically, on the thirty-third anniversary of his disappearance, police received a tip that a man, since moved to New Jersey, had crossed Etan's path that day and, on a psychotic impulse, had strangled the life out of him. His body, discarded with the trash, would never be found.

It was Etan's sudden and disturbing disappearance, more than any other, which had shaken America to its bones, leaving it perennially alarmed and obsessively suspicious for decades to come.

His disappearance would be the catalyst for a fundamental reordering of America – and indeed, the world - along lines dictated by boundless paranoia and a near-total erosion of trust.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, himself a witness to the decades-long quest to uncover the boy's fate, has expressed tentative satisfaction with the credibility of the subsequent confession freely given by this most recent and, to date, most likely suspect.

Strikingly, Kelly now suggests the distinct possibility that Etan's murderer was motivated, not by sexual desire, but by sheer craziness. The self-confessed killer is said to be bipolar and schizophrenic, a pathological tangle more than adequate in explaining an otherwise unmotivated killing.

And this, decades after Etan Patz - his identity, his infectious smile, his beauty, and his heartbreaking absence – had been expropriated as fuel for a witch burning which continues to smolder to this day.

NAMBLA, a very young organization at the time, found itself thrust into the national spotlight several years after Etan's disappearance when a photograph from a calendar was seized by police and the F.B.I. from the home of one of its members.

Although authorities said its subject bore a striking resemblance to Etan, his own parents flatly denied that it could be their son. Bizarrely, the police helpfully suggested that NAMBLA must have airbrushed a "cleft" into Etan's chin to make the calendar boy, somehow, more appealing.

What they failed to mention was that the picture had been taken in 1968, the same year as the calendar's publication and some five years prior to Etan's birth.

No matter. The press ran with the story and the myth of NAMBLA as evil child trafficking cabal was born.

Inconveniently for the police and the F.B.I., NAMBLA held its own press conferences – one in New York and another, simultaneously, in Boston – where they revealed the truth of the photograph's provenance, complete with copies of the original calendar bearing the date “1968”.

Though law enforcement was forced to admit their "mistake" in a subsequent press conference, the damage to NAMBLA's reputation with the public was, nevertheless, beyond repair.

Public perception of the organization would never countenance the possibility of a benign intent. Perhaps that would have been the case even without these spurious allegations but, if first impressions are the most important, then NAMBLA's effective debut onto the world stage would be nothing short of catastrophic.

Although many, no doubt, were bitterly disappointed that the Etan Patz/NAMBLA connection had been so decisively dispatched, the formation in the public mind of a link between the organization and what would be perceived as a flood of child disappearances in the decade to come became, nonetheless, indelible.

The public was in no mood to be reasonable or fair-minded, led around by the nose, as they were, by a cynical and opportunistic press who routinely crafted their distortions and confabulations in concert with law enforcement as well as zealous, obsessive crusaders, a practice which continues today.

It was, perhaps then, that the organization learned an essential, hard lesson about the press: the less popular a people or their ideas, the less likely they will be accurately represented by the media.

Pedro Hernandez has not yet been convicted of Etan Patz' murder and it is still too soon to come to any definitive conclusions.

Given the likelihood that Etan's body will never be found and that Hernandez' word, alone, forms the basis for the charges now brought against him, it is entirely possible that the probable answer to the little boy's disappearance will never be entirely satisfactory.

Already, there are hints that some will always refuse to accept the possibility that a "non-pedophile" might be responsible for such a terrible act.

Many are, after all, entirely invested in a worldview which conflates the hideous actions of rare and deranged individuals with those who openly acknowledge a love for children or adolescents.

After all, much has been built upon that foundation of fear and loathing during these past thirty years.

And then there is the now irreconcilable fact that a man currently languishing in a Pennsylvania prison for having sex with boys, Jose Ramos, was found responsible in civil court for Etan's disappearance, having once dated the boy's babysitter, despite his denials and a paucity of evidence.

Vacating that judgment would, no doubt, be most distressing for those who had previously pointed to a convicted pedophile as the murderer of Etan Patz, a little boy who had become, unwittingly, a cornerstone in the strident and shrill anti-pedophile movement.

At the time of Etan's disappearance, we couldn't have imagined the dramatic extent of fundamental, social upheaval, already then in motion, just as today it is difficult to remember how different our world once was.

Ever more terrible, vicious, and unjust laws, enacted over the decades since Etan disappeared, have permanently incapacitated alarming numbers of our citizens.

Children, who once would have enjoyed significant freedom of movement and of association, must now derive all intellectual and emotional sustenance from those adults who pass criminal background checks and who have been carefully vetted by government.

Kids today are elaborately cocooned in their homes and their schools in an abundance of caution which is seen never to be entirely adequate.

They are presumed to be continuously in peril of kidnap - or worse - and to possess no innate instincts for self preservation, even as adolescents.

Their opportunities to play with other children are closely structured, scheduled and supervised by ever-fearful parents. Even their "hand-offs" to other qualified adults are exquisitely coordinated.

Unrelated adults who show any warmth or fondness for kids are viewed with immediate suspicion and many have adopted, instead, a more acceptable air of indifference towards children. As with all distortions imposed by social opprobrium, this will inevitably be to the detriment of the kids themselves.

This is a very different world from that which existed when Etan Patz triumphantly ventured alone, for the first time, down the street to buy a soda and to wait for his school bus.

Many of us still remember when we first saw Etan; a beautiful, delightful, happy boy looking past the camera to his photographer father, beaming poignantly from a "missing child" poster.

Our hearts ache no less today when we see, once again, that vanished boy from a vanished time; a boy who will always be, tragically and forever, six years old.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

The Hospital Administration dropped off the Christmas tree

Soft Science, Hard Time: The Expanding Sexual Regulatory State As Facilitated By Science-LIght

Soft Science, Hard Time:The Expanding Sexual Regulatory State As Facilitated By Science-Light
Most would be shocked to learn that, in many American states, and as recently as the late 1970's, unlucky citizens, having been selected through pseudo-scientific methods as undeserving of reproductive rights, were once forcibly sterilized, having been determined to be of "subnormal intelligence" or of possessing "antisocial traits".
Abnormally high intelligence is not required to imagine the myriad uses to which such laws were put. Indeed, they came in handy when searching for a solution to the “problems” of abandoned children, the poor, the black, the American Indian and those otherwise socially disenfranchised. Criminals convicted of "sexual insanity", institutionalized boys guilty of excessive masturbation or homosexual "acting out" and girls expressing un-lady-like sexual curiosity were also sterilized, with some males even castrated. There existed little oversight of those making these decisions nor rights of appeal afforded its victims.
Hurriedly administered I.Q. tests and shocked observations by scandalized clinicians were the criteria a post-Victorian and puritanical society would employ to justify forced sterilization. The recently discovered but completely untested “science” of Eugenics provided the appearance of modernity and enlightenment so necessary for social engineering in the early 20th century.
These programs had served as an inspiration to Adolph Hitler and his National Scialism and, despite that odious endorsement, American Eugenicists continued to enthusiastically commit medical and human rights atrocities for many decades after WWII, long after the Third Reich's chief eugenicist bit down on his glass cyanide capsule to enjoy his own richly deserved genetic and existential oblivion.
Indeed, Eugenics' origins in the United States were every bit as ignominious as they would later prove to be in Germany. America was, at the time, a deeply racist country where Eugenics provided the appearance of a scientific endorsement of views which held that Irish, blacks, Italians, and Jews were biologically inferior to whites. It further maintained that laws against racial intermarriage were necessary. The Ku Klux Klan, itself praised as a champion of the Anglo Saxon people by Woodrow Wilson, in turn enthusiastically supported Eugenics, just as it did Prohibition.
Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once famously declared "Three generations of imbeciles are enough!" in joining with the majority to affirm the imposition of involuntary sterilization by the state in a systematic effort to "eliminate defectives from the gene pool." (Buck v. Bell, 1927) In doing so, the “last stop” on the route to justice demonstrated a susceptibility to tyranny informed by a chimera of science.
We should be grateful that eugenics, as a public policy and blunt instrument of the state, eventually faded into obscurity in the United States, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Korea, Japan and Canada. But it did so only because champions of human rights, as well as principled scientific professionals, persevered in decrying its barbarity, its inconsistency with democratic ideals, and its specious scientific foundations.
The Eugenics movement, which had once enjoyed hugely popular support in the U.S., counting President Woodrow Wilson (the great "progressive") amongst its enthusiastic proponents, should serve as a warning to contemporary society in its comparably ill-considered policies of lifetime imprisonment and "civil" detention (and occasional castration) of those it considers to be "sex offenders".
For a new threat, a new war
Child sexual abuse, as a contemporary moral panic and hysterical obsession, had its origins in the legitimate concerns with the physical and emotional mistreatment of children, mostly at the hands of their parents, which began to receive much needed attention some four to five decades ago.
But what had started as a long overdue campaign to liberate children from the horrors so many had been subjected to and which rightly included non-consensual rape, was soon subverted to the purposes of both angry “gender”- feminists (the kind who actually do hate men) and their unlikely allies in this particular crusade, the bible-poisoned religious fundamentalists who hated all sex outside of marriage and, especially, homosexuality.
Soon, child “sexual” abuse was grabbing all of the headlines, having emerged as that form of abuse most in need of discovery and elimination, with many of the “gender”- feminists, having appointed themselves the saviors of those so-abused, proclaiming child sexual abuse to be a fate “worse than death” (and yes, they really did say that and, almost certainly, some really meant it).
Thus followed a multi-decadal downward spiral into the realm of increasingly shrill and improbable conspiracy theories, eagerly propagated by a media shorn of any sense of journalistic objectivity, soft-science “experts” representing newly emerged “child-saving” organizations suddenly flush with cash, and pandering politicians who knew a great opportunity for the aggrandizement of power when they saw it. And, of course, there were the lawyers.
It was also a call to arms for a credulous and, it must be said, ignorant, public which possessed, much to the delight of the foregoing hystericists, an enormous appetite for scandal involving children, sex and adults.
The laws quickly changed, with numerous statutory “loopholes”, having previously provided some semblance of justice, angrily closed by the critical mass of outrage which had been achieved with such breathtaking speed.
Milk carton depictions of the “missing children” followed on the heels of evil satanic cabals as the specter of children abducted, raped and killed by depraved strangers filled the popular imagination with horror and, it must also be said, titillation.
Underlying all of it was the central conceit that theirs was a campaign of “children's rights”. A term which clearly meant, to those of us who had long embraced it, the empowerment of children to flee abusive families and governments and to exercise rights clearly denied them, would be co-opted by the self-appointed and self-proclaimed child-savers who then, having thoroughly stripped it of any of its original meaning, sanctimoniously presented it as their own benevolent contribution to the ages.
The decades-long sex offender hysteria is especially remarkable in one respect; it's ability to hold the public in its thrall despite mountains of accumulating evidence which give lie to its extraordinary claims.
The recently-departed Christopher Hitchens, a man of formidable intellect and with an extraordinary ability to quickly slice through logical fallacies to arrive at essential truths which, once revealed, become obvious to us all, had said of religion: “What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof”.
That simple and disarmingly obvious challenge should be employed to exorcise those many specters visited upon us in the name of protecting children but motivated by something much darker and more menacing.
Sex offender hysteria disproportionately shapes public policy and erodes the rights of citizens even while the evidence of its destructive powers and the absurdity of its central conjecture continues to pile up around us.
Within the past twenty-five years we have seen an enormous expansion of the powers of government to investigate, to entrap, to punish, and to marginalize those it deems “sex offenders” at the same time as it has shorn the rights of children to explore their world and to grow independently of governments which have come to view them, increasingly. as the rightful property of the state.
That the extremists, most of whom have since passed from the scene and whose popularity has long since waned, were wildly effective in the imposition of a fundamentally reordered society, there can be no doubt.
Mainstream society, in all its moderation, ingested their poisonous effluvium and thoroughly integrated it into their own world view where it has been woven into the fabric of society and codified into law.
Today, liberals, conservatives, the rather-more-pleasant “equity”-feminists and even libertarians accept as an unassailable truth that the sexually depraved pose an imminent threat to children's well being and sexual purity. Given the scale and scope of the perceived threat, most have willingly relinquished many of those rights they once enjoyed in the interest of advancing (at least, in appearance) public safety. Trust, freedom and autonomy, just decades ago widely enjoyed, are now a fading memory – an anachronism increasingly believed to be unaffordable in an age most imagine to be rife with existential threat and terror.
In this respect, the war on sex offenders is very similar to some of our other wars, such as the war on drugs and the war on terror, where the display of public demands and a government which is seen to be responsive to them is more important than an accurate perception of threat.
The Weapons in the war on sex offenders
In the endeavor to identify and prosecute sex offenders and to permanently remove them from society, sex abuse theorists have developed an arsenal of weapons which purport to provide compelling and scientifically verifiable evidence.
Those mental health professionals who receive dramatically larger, government-sourced salaries than they could ever receive anywhere else, employ tools whose efficacy is widely disputed within the wider field of psychology. Using polygraphs, penile-plethysmographs, Abel Assessments (measurement of minuscule differences in dwell time while viewing flashing pornographic images), statistical inferences and check-box quizzes, the sex offender theorists make existential decisions on behalf of those unfortunate enough to come under their total control.
Easy-to-administer metrics such as the "Static 99", just as with the IQ tests once employed by the Eugenicists, give these policies' practitioners the requisite imprimatur of "scientism" required to decide who should be locked in cages for the entirety of their lives or who should be set free.
Curiously, those sciences, other than psychology and sociology, both frequently employed as hand-maidens for social engineering experiments and various political expediencies, are entirely absent from any discussion of "what to do about sex offenders?".
The fields of anthropology and evolutionary biology, for example, may well have valuable insights, gained in the course of genuine scientific inquiry, into the role those sexual attractions which lie outside the narrow boundaries of Western acceptance may play in cohering societies or even in ensuring a species' survival.
Unsurprisingly, scientists of those disciplines remain unconsulted by those who craft far-reaching and liberty-stripping social policies which meet the punitive expectations of a tyrannical majority and which leave unanswered fundamental concerns both scientific and civil libertarian.
Instead, this cultural and legal juggernaut is informed solely by those whose work and conclusions comport with prevailing cultural prejudices and whose products are congruent with political power and ambitions as they are now exercised.
Functional MRI's, already detecting, we are assured, "atypical" patterns consistent with sexual deviancy, promise to be a future goldmine to those planning to cash in on the diagnostic gravy train.
Perhaps one can be excused for failing to adequately enthuse over the scientific certainty which fMRI is said to possess or the purposes to which it will undoubtedly be put. There is, after all, an alarming ring of familiarity which accompanies its recent emergence.
Over the millenia, humans have devised many methods to extract meaning and truth from their world and to predict the future, whether it be the scrutiny of animal entrails by the ancient Romans or the testing of buoyancy of those accused of witchcraft as a means to ascertain their guilt.
In the last century, we witnessed the emergence of myriad psychological tests which, we were promised, would produce an accurate interpretation of our psyches as well as proof-positive of the extent to our depravities.
Already, many of those lie abandoned and largely forgotten, having been thoroughly invalidated in the fullness of time. Still others, such as those irrepressible blots of ink first given life by Hermann Rorschach nearly a century ago and inflicted upon generations of test subjects exhorted to their reinterpretation are, still today, enthusiastically displayed by confident psychologists as the state-of-the-art of their trade. This, despite little credible evidence of their efficacy in determining much of anything.
The limitations of these diagnostic tools and their inability to withstand scientific scrutiny make clear that an undistorted window into men's psyches remains, for the time being, out-of-reach and that their liberty should not rest upon insights so gained nor interpreted, as they are, by those informed by deep, cultural biases.
Lifting the Veil on the Academy
The now thoroughly discredited theory of recovered memories (although many, including Paul Shanley of Massachusetts still rot in prison on the strength of that scientific canard) helped to facilitate the removal of statutes of limitations across the country, enabling successful criminal prosecutions of events which occurred decades earlier.
The memories of the younger parties to these events, having now come to define themselves as victims, are now reinterpreted with adult sensibilities and the warm embrace of sexual abuse theory, assuring them that, whatever their life failures, only their alleged “molesters” are to blame. Their memories, alone, often form the sole basis for successful criminal prosecutions.
For a behavior which, we are continuously assured, is so certainly traumatogenic as sexual contact with children or adolescents, it is remarkable that the professional victimologists are entirely at a loss to explain the mechanism for that damage.
Those who have attempted to detect such trauma and its proximate cause, such as Susan Clancy, a distinguished Harvard scholar of psychology and human memory, have been rewarded for their efforts with howls of outrage when their findings failed to deliver results consistent with the sacrosanct “trauma” model of the academy. It is telling that, in the hysterical aftermath of her books publication, she thought it safer to physically relocate to South America.
Within the incestuous academy of professional victimology, reciprocal citations and circular accolades form the disingenuous facade which serves to conceal the many deficiencies of its underlying structure.
Upon its tautological foundation (“it's wrong because it's wrong!”) the academy more closely resembles a medieval church, its priestesses insistent that all believe in their fundamental conceit, a conceit which, by itself, forms their religion's organizing principle.
If child sexual abuse theory were a science, it would not rely upon unchallenged cultural assumptions to which all of its findings are then forced to conform. It would not answer legitimate inquiries into its means and methods with howls of victimist outrage. Ad hominem attacks upon those who dare question the motives of those promulgating this travesty of pseudo-science are the norm from the academy, not the exception.
Because it's not a science so much as a weapon, its designers have been able to tap into the public's deep primeval well of atavistic rage to fuel its destructive power.
The source of this rage is, to this author's mind, clearly a persistent meme of ancient religious origins, having arisen from the cauldrons of religious superstition and in the complete absence of a rational understanding of the world - scientific insights which would only begin to emerge many centuries later.
Even so, this meme continues to propagate and to infect entire societies today, even those who would insist that religion plays no role in shaping their world view.
It has only been very recently that homosexuality, once very much a part of this “stigma meme”, has begun to wrest itself from the punishing grip of a primeval and unchallenged hatred, carried down from one generation to the next.
How we are all different today
The dramatic changes undergone by society as a result of the ongoing child sex panics which began in the late 1970's are most apparent to those of us who came of age in previous decades. From our perspective, society has been fundamentally reordered around fears and prejudices directly informed by those panics.
Periodic social upheavals as a result of moral panic seem to be the norm for humanity, with large segments of society reacting, or overreacting, with almost virally propagated outrage to perceived threats. The moral panic of our current age, an obsession with child sexual inviolability, illustrates our continued susceptibility to emotional and irrational fears.
Children now exist almost entirely within protective bubbles; ghettos of other children whose ages are within several years of their own, without any access to “unqualified” adults.
No choice is exercised by the children in choosing these adults, since their instincts for sensing danger are considered to be wholly absent, even when well into puberty.
“Unqualified adults” i.e. those adults not blood relatives or without “appropriate” academic credentials and unlicensed by the state, are almost entirely unavailable to children and adolescents as mentors and friends.
As a result, children now must derive all intellectual and emotional sustenance from those adults vetted and approved by their government and their parents.
Since children and adolescents are assumed to be, at all times, acutely vulnerable to exogenous dangers, possessing no innate instincts for self preservation, even their opportunities to play with other children are closely structured and supervised by fretful parents.
“Play dates”, entirely managed by parents in consultation with other parents, specify dates and times during which kids can get together to play, with the assurance that there will be a responsible parent close by to keep a watchful eye on them at all times. Telephone numbers are exchanged and ground rules established in advance of the “date”. The visiting children will be accompanied to and from the “date” with their parent, often driven there in a car.
Increasingly, children live indoors, in front of televisions, computers and video games. Physical activity that requires leaving the house is now limited to those times when qualified adults are able to act as their protective chaperones.
Consequently, children are now more inclined to obesity than ever before, with vanishing opportunities for vigorous physical activity to build strength or to burn calories.
Lost, too, are the opportunities for social interaction and improvisational play which is known to provide valuable life skills and emotional development.
Social isolation has replaced, in just one or two generations, real world experience, experimentation and exploration.
Children themselves are now scrutinized for any sign of “inappropriate” behavior with other children. Six-year-old boys have been charged with felonious sexual assault for playing doctor with five-year-old girls. Children are now routinely added to sex offender registries for sexual interests expressed towards other children.
Children who sexually “offend” are, invariably, subjected to involuntary “therapy” to ensure that they will not “re-offend”. Again, the soft science of child sexual abuse theory asserts its ability to define pathology and to determine its effective remedies.
Incongruously, when children commit terrible crimes, they are often quickly promoted to the status of “adults” for the purpose of severe punishment. Yet, for all others, they are rigorously constrained to the strictly limited rights of childhood.
Adolescents, once able to stake out a more independent existence and to form relationships or to conduct a life significantly outside the view of family and schools, are increasingly infantilized, enjoying little more freedom of movement or freedom from continuous monitoring than the average eight year old. For them, the future transition to full adulthood will be most abrupt.
After chasing children back into their homes to live in protected isolation from all possible contact with “unauthorized” adults, government now insists that they be completely shielded while using social media such as Facebook (which may include possible contact with “unauthorized” adults) even though they probably do so while safely ensconced within their own homes.
This is an example of "mission creep" in which we continue to move the goalposts of acceptable risk closer together to define an ever-smaller field of existence which kids must then content themselves to occupy.
The “Precautionary Principle" which posits that all risk, no matter how minuscule, is unacceptable, today informs all policies affecting child and adolescent exposure to adults.
Except that, of course, its not "all" risks. Only those risks corresponding to the most lurid possibilities with which society has become obsessed, namely, stranger abduction and the ostensibly explosive combination of kids and sex, are addressed by the social fortresses in which children are now held in protective isolation.
These stated concerns for children leave unaddressed some of the consequent dangers they face as a result of these policies: social isolation, frustration, physical inactivity, obesity, depression, life inexperience and a dissociation from the busy, complicated world which awaits them.
Every citizen is now exhorted to look for even the slightest hint of “inappropriate” behavior on the part of adults interacting with children. Elaborate safeguards, such as never being alone with a child and never touching them in any way - even with a pat on the head - are painstakingly delineated by safety committees and vetted by attorneys for the slightest vulnerability to lawsuit.
Any displays of affection expressed towards a child or adolescent are now fraught with peril and condemned as “inappropriate” when exercised by non-parental, particularly male, adults.
“Inappropriate” is the preferred term employed by the earnest defenders of childhood “innocence” and which has been perhaps most exquisitely articulated by such high-profile, cultural “surrogate mothers” as Oprah Winfrey who exemplify the modern, redefined woman unafraid to demonstrate aggression or to impose upon society their vision of childhood “innocence”.
As with other attempts at social engineering initiated by popular movements, such as Prohibition of alcohol in the U.S., these efforts achieve a critical mass of public support through continuous reiteration of their narrative in the near-absence of competing messages, as ensured by an obliging media.
Beginning first with men, those expressing an interest in the growth and well being of children and adolescents through Scouting, Boy's Clubs, as teachers, coaches or religious clerics are now viewed with suspicion where once they were regarded with admiration.
As a result, men are today far less inclined towards activities or professions which bring them into contact with kids. The gender of those working with kids has shifted dramatically, with far fewer men now willing to assume the risks which accompany such professions or avocations.
This is not to say that women are immune from such scrutiny. Perhaps as a result of so many fewer men in contact with kids today, women have, in recent years, been themselves increasingly subject to exposure as “sexual predators” of children and adolescents, undoubtedly a consequence unforeseen by some of the moral panics' original authors.
In a remarkably short period of time, those entrusted with teaching, mentoring and caring for unrelated minors has dramatically transformed into something much colder, more indifferent and far less spontaneous. They are now tightly regulated by communities possessing obsessive levels of fear.
States continuously add entire professions to the lists of “Mandatory Reporters”, those who are legally compelled to report to police any suspicion that laws governing sexual behavior are being broken and which forcibly conscript thousands into the service of the modern police state.
States have been in an arms race with their neighbors to impose the harshest conceivable punishments upon sex offenders and to afford judges the least discretion in determining appropriate prison sentences.
Not content with “sex” convictions alone; they first imposed, and then continuously escalated, severe additional restrictions on those who had served the entirety of their sentences. Residency, professional, and now, recreational restrictions have taken hold in criminal and civil law to restrict every aspect of life upon those whose debt to society is now seen never to be fully paid.
Libraries, parks, beaches, swimming pools, schools – even shopping malls – are, increasingly “no-go” zones for those on the sex offender registries.
Those convicted of sex offenses who have, typically, spent many years behind bars, now often find themselves released, not to freedom, but to another form of indefinite incarceration which can stretch into infinity: “civil” commitment in state “hospitals” as “sexual predators”, where, we are assured, they are not being “punished” but merely “detained” for the protection of society. Amongst those being “detained” are 90 year old paraplegics whose only crimes were fondling and in which force or coercion were entirely absent. Commitments under these regulatory schemes do not require findings of mental illness and the burden of proof is placed entirely on the “patients” to prove they are not at risk for reoffending. This, despite the fact that they have served the entirety of their prison sentences which, in most cases, were plea deals negotiated in good faith decades earlier.
Chemical or surgical castration are options sometimes extended to those desperate to get out but, perversely, some of those having undergone these procedures are still denied release.
Not to be outdone by the states, the U.S. government has, in recent years, continuously federalized sex crimes and placed further civil restrictions on sex offenders through the creative application of the “Commerce Clause” and with an obliging pretense of justice provided by the Supreme Court. It, too, has implemented “lifetime civil commitment” of sex offenders when they are eventually released from federal prisons, having been convicted of federal crimes, such as possession of child pornography.
We might derive some hope from subtle, nuanced signals that not all in power are as uniformly “on board” with the furthest extents to which hysteria can be put as others. The Department of Justice recently issued a shockingly public criticism of its own F.B.I.'s obsessive preoccupation with hunting down child pornography at the expense of letting terrorist suspects go uninvestigated [DOJ: FBI digital counterintelligence weakened by focus on child porn]. This provided a fascinating insight into debates which, one could hope, might be occurring with greater frequency behind closed doors in the halls of power.
Nevertheless, at a time when the U.S. is on the brink of fiscal disaster, American taxpayers are still funding entrapment schemes such as the “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” to ensnare individuals who, although lacking the common sense they were born with, are very likely not a threat to anyone but themselves.
Child pornography, as a legal designation, has evolved into something so difficult to identify by sight that many photographers and filmmakers are now inclined to avoid child subjects altogether. Child pornography has been defined so broadly that highly stylized Japanese “manga” comics and Photo-shopped cartoons of Bart and Lisa appearing to engage in fellatio have resulted in criminal convictions.
As if that were not enough, children have been arrested for creating child porn of themselves with web cams and mobile phones; videos intended only for their friends.
This fact, by itself, best supports a suspicion which many of us share: that the crusade of child protection has less to do with protecting children than in giving cover to angry, distorted personalities who wish to propagate their hatred outward into the world.
In a culture with such an extraordinary disparity in attitudes towards sex and violence, finding the latter infinitely more tolerable than the former, we, as a society, are in critical need of rebalancing our priorities and in accurately assessing real world risks to children and adolescents.
As Jacob Sullum, columnist for the libertarian magazine, Reason, put it: “Sex offender laws represent the triumph of outrage over reason”.
The once-frequent rejoinder “it's a free country” which each of us growing up in 1960's' America heard thousands of times, is now only rarely heard, curiously absent in a nation which was once liberty's greatest champion.
Perhaps that is because it is no longer true, as we have since traded our freedom for the perception of security.

Getting a Broader Perspective on "Bullying"

Fear of bullying has contributed to the massive cutbacks on "recess", the free-play periods designed into school days for over a century. By doing so, the thinking goes, time children spend together with minimal adult mediation of their interactions are reduced, limiting the opportunity for "bullying".

It should also be remembered that children have been increasingly forced to occupy "age ghettos" where their exposure to people one or two years younger or older than themselves has also been minimized. That trend was well underway many decades ago and it is clear that one of the motivations behind it was the desire to limit the corrupting influence of sexual initiation and opportunity between disparate age groups. Government schools have long been laboratories for social scientists and "educators" to try out their latest engineering theories. And we wonder why our educational system is so terrible?

Bullying is a very real issue that we should all insist needs to be addressed and is long overdue in being addressed. Children are demonstrably damaged by the process of bullying.

But that all begs the question: are government schools and the people in charge of those schools the best options to nurture and intellectually enrich children and to keep them safe?

Arab Spring, American Winter

While the Middle-East and North Africa see glimmers of hope on the horizon of human rights and liberty, Americans are falling all over themselves trying to give up their own liberties.

Here is another attempt to further strip away the rights of registered "sex offenders".

This proposed federal legislation would closely resemble Soviet-era restrictions on travel and would deny American citizens who have served their time in prison the right TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY!

A very nasty and ugly law!

International Megan's Law of 2011

Fight to Keep Children Away From Killer Is Lost

This story makes remarkably clear the disparity in treatment between those who physically abuse or even murder children and those accused of having sex with them.

Hundreds of thousands of (mostly) men are serving extremely long, life-destroying sentences in U.S. prisons for some form of alleged sexual contact with minors, often consisting of little more than fondling and, sometimes, nothing whatsoever.

If they are so lucky as to ever get out (and not be re-incarcerated in civil commitment programs) their chances of ever leading a normal life again-let alone one that includes children-are extremely unlikely.

In this story, a woman who had murdered both of her children while they slept is released from a psychiatric hospital years later and is now a stepmother to two more kids. The kid's natural mother, now divorced from their father, is, naturally, concerned about this state of affairs, as any sane person would be.

But the courts have denied her bid to keep her children from living with their stepmother, believing her (the stepmother) to be fully recovered from her "temporary insanity". Not only that, it is asserted that, because she was "temporarily insane" at the time she shot her two daughters, "no crime was committed".

Let's be blunt: we live in a country which values the sexual chastity of children over their very lives.

Boulder police locate, arrest "sexually violent predator" for crime of not sleeping at homeless shelter

Boulder police locate, arrest sexually violent predator Kerry Whitfield

Why? Because he chose to stay away from the homeless shelter for several days which he had registered as his address.

He was not on parole or probation and so could not have been encumbered by legal regulations which required him to report to the shelter daily.

He's just homeless but lists the shelter as his address. And the busybodies at the shelter call the police to report him absent after several days when he didn't show up to sleep there.

In other words, unlike other sex offenders, he can't travel or leave his abode even briefly without being arrested for violating the sex registration rules.

Also worth noting, and refreshingly, the reporter defines "sexually violent predator" as it is used by odious laws. It is rare to see any journalist acknowledge that it does not require actual violence.

If at First You Don't Get a Prison Sentence, Try, Try Again

State and federal prosecutors getting around Fifth Amendment's Double Jeopardy Clause

Dutch vigilantes follow the American way

" private citizens are increasingly taking matters into their own hands. In addition to the constant barrage of insults and threats directed at Mr Uitenbogaard in Hengelo, another member of Martijn was driven from his home in the northern province of Friesland. And a writer who merely supported Martijn’s right to free speech has also had the windows of his house smashed and ‘Paedophile’ painted on his front door in red letters."

One Last Visit for Mother and Son?

Uh, no. Apparently not.

This, despite the fact that the son's original accuser has long since recanted her testimony saying the sexual assault she had originally testified to never occurred.

She was nine when she was coerced into her accusation by her mother, then embroiled in a bitter divorce proceeding and in need of an alibi to keep her from being prosecuted for unlawfully fleeing the state with her daughter.

She was eleven when she recanted.

She's now 21 and one of the two cousins she had originally accused of molestation is still in prison. His mother is dying. They would like to see each other one last time. And the State of Texas remains indifferent to both.

Let's be clear: convicted felons are routinely denied freedom even when evidence comes to light that they were wrongfully convicted.

This happens frequently in the U.S. today and should shock and outrage us to the core.

Yet somehow, this continues. And, with Justices like Antonin Scalia in the Supreme Court, we should not be surprised.

"This Court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is “actually” innocent. Quite to the contrary, we have repeatedly left that question unresolved, while expressing considerable doubt that any claim based on alleged “actual innocence” is constitutionally cognizable, said Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court

San Jose man faces life sentence for attacking man suspected of molesting his stepdaughter

The reporter, in this case, spins the story to evoke outrage from her/his readers that an enraged father could be held responsible for his premeditated and vicious attack on a man he suspected of molesting his daughter.

This has been a recurring trope in America for some time now, possibly starting with the thuggish Ellie Nessler's execution style murder of her sons "molester" within the very courtroom where he was being tried, nearly twenty years ago.

After serving just three years in prison for shooting her victim five times in the head, she returned to her life as a low-level methamphetamine dealer and mother of a nearly grown-up career criminal and soon-to-be murderer in his own right (he stomped a man to death whom he had hired to clean up his family's property).

But according to her supporters, who were, and still are, legion, she should have, instead, received a handsome reward for summarily executing a "child molester".

Largely unacknowledged is the transformation of the American public into an angry, vengeance-seeking mob who have become convinced by their leaders and their journalists that mob-violence and summary execution are perfectly reasonable propositions for securing justice. The media, through outrageously biased "realistic" crime shows, and journalistically bankrupt news magazines and cable news shows, have continuously communicated to the public that real justice is denied them through the courts.

Even the concept of rights have been redefined to include special "victim's rights" and since all virtuous people are now imbued with these emergent rights, they now see the traditional rights of the accused in direct conflict with their own "victim's rights" and demand those of the accused be degraded relative to their own.

And it isn't just the U.S. anymore. It's the U.K., Australia and even The Netherlands.

Marthijn Uittenbogaard, a controversial Dutchman who argued against that country's raising of the age-of-consent laws and who has argued for its abolition, has been continually hounded, harassed, assaulted and had his house vandalized by those who apparently believe that he should not have the right to speak or even to exist, despite his having committed no crime.

This is a very dangerous path which the U.S. has trod and which the rest of world is now following.

The Problem Is, They're All News Corporation

Poisoning the well.

Twenty-five years ago, Rupert Murdoch's newspapers distinguished themselves from others.

has had an inestimable effect upon culture, law and trust worldwide.

Experiencing victimization vicariously through the media.

The "Truthiness" of sexual violation

High trust / low trust

transferring our trust from family and friends to authority figures.

Petition forces parliamentary debate on "Martijn" in The Netherlands

The previously "tolerant" Dutch nation is quickly erasing any traces of their legendary open-mindedness. U.S.-style sting operations and unprovoked searches are the new face of Dutch justice.

The group "Vereniging Martijn", is being subjected to escalating levels of legal harassment and vigilante violence.

Yesterday, one of the group's spokespersons, Marthijn Uittenbogaard, had the front window of his house smashed by rocks and ammonia was poured through his mail slot.

Previously, he has been physically assaulted and receives almost daily threats. A motorcycle gang recently held a large protest in front of his house.

So far, the police show little interest in affording him the same protections that it provides to Geert Wilders or, previously, to Ayan Hirsi Ali, despite continuous threats to his life.

Michigan Supreme Court: Homeless sex offender can be punished for not registering address

Despite not having a residence, and having been barred entrance to homeless shelters because of his sex offender status, the court ruled that he could be held criminally liable for not telling police where he was living.

These laws are working exactly as they are intended to work, to make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for registered sex offenders to exist without violating laws to which no one else is subjected. Thus, they exist as both a means of harassment and as a pretext for further incarceration.

The term for such laws is "Status Offenses" i.e. an action that is prohibited only to a certain class of people, such as Jews in Nazi occupied countries in the last century.

Social Networks: Thinking Of The Children

After chasing children back into their homes to live in protected isolation from all possible contact with unauthorized adults, society/government now insists that they be completely shielded from social media (which may include possible contact with unauthorized adults) even though they probably do so while safely ensconced within their own living rooms or bedrooms.

This is a perfect example of "mission creep" in which we continue to move the goalposts of acceptable risk closer together to define an ever-smaller field of existence which kids must then content themselves to occupy.

This tendency is also described as "The Precautionary Principle" which posits that all risk, no matter now minuscule, is unacceptable.

Except that, of course, its not "all" risks. Only those risks corresponding to the most lurid possibilities with which society has become obsessed, namely, stranger abduction and the ostensibly explosive combination of kids and sex, are addressed by the social fortresses in which children are now held in protective isolation.

These stated concerns for children leave unaddressed the actual dangers they face as a result of these policies: social isolation, frustration, obesity, inexperience and ill-preparation for adulthood, loneliness, depression, a distorted view of the world, etc.

But none of those concerns are all that interesting or sensational, are they?

Where's the excitement and, well, the catharsis in those?

The problem is, real problems are just so damned boring!

It's like the difference between watching, say, Nightmare on Elm Street on the one hand, and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, on the other. Which would you rather watch?

Kirkland 6-year-old patted down by TSA agents

When Paranoias Collide:

Reconciling the paranoia of "bad touches" with the paranoia of "security theater"

Oh, what to do???

Sometimes They Say What They Really Think

"Former U.S. Atty. Don Heller, who wrote the California death penalty law 33 years ago, said he has turned against capital punishment, believing it is too costly and is administered unfairly and too slowly..

Anyway, he says, "some of these guys should be left out in the general prison population. Then someone can take capital punishment into their own hands, particularly with a baby rapist." "

Obviously, Heller, despite no longer believing in the death penalty, has not lost his wonderfully endearing savagery, since he advocates here the murder of sex offender prisoners by other inmates.

His statement has broader relevance since it is unlikely that he would have said this while still employed by the U.S. government. I believe that he speaks for many of our public servants who leave unvoiced their true regard for human rights.

Certainly he speaks for the majority of those posting online comments to newspapers.

Indeed, savagery is the norm today, not the exception.

The Trauma Myth

Susan A. Clancy is a psychology researcher at Harvard University in the field of memory.

In January 2010, Perseus Books published her book The Trauma Myth,[1] in which she suggests that child sexual abuse is rarely a traumatic experience for the victims at the time it occurs, and is instead described by victims as confusing.[2] She argues that later in life, after the memories are processed, examined, and more fully understood, the experience becomes traumatic. Clancy writes in “The Trauma Myth” that when she arrived at Harvard in 1996, the trauma theory held that “a child will only participate in abuse if forced, threatened, or explicitly coerced” (p. 41). Then she interviewed victims and learned, “They did not fight it. It was not done against their will. They went along . . . only 5% tried to stop it” (p. 41). Clancy concludes that since sexual abuse of children is not violent per se, the millions of victims who did not experience their sex abuse as traumatic grapple with crippling thoughts of shame, embarrassment, and self-blame, thus compounding their suffering. She advocates for a refined understanding of the immediate effects of child sex abuse in order to better help those who are currently excluded from a clinical and popular culture that embraces the trauma model.

Flash Mobs of Sex Offenders to Descend Upon Orange County California Beaches and Parks?

Using Twitter, organizers hope to stage seemingly spontaneous events with hundreds of R.S.O.'s and their supporters at parks and beaches where local ordinances declare them to be unwelcome visitors. Stay tuned; we hope to find out more!

Call to ban art with nude children in Australia

As with sex offenses, child pornography is being defined ever-more widely.

Every expansion of criminal statutes is accompanied by greater government intrusion into the lives of its citizens.

Beware: this cannot end well.

Tenant Kills Landlord Because "He's A Pedophile!"

Of course! Notice how allegations of sexual abuse have become the #1 reason for justifying a crime?

the incredible disparity in American societal attitudes toward sex and violence

Developmental psychologist James W. Prescott, formally of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, argues that there is a "preference for sexual violence over sexual pleasure in the United States." He says, "This is reflected in our acceptance of sexually explicit films that involve violence and rape, and our rejection of sexually explicit films for pleasure only (pornography)," he says. "Apparently, sex with pleasure is immoral and unacceptable, but sex with violence and pain is moral and acceptable."

Child Sexuality

The major problem in dealing with sexuality in children has always been the adult’s own hang-ups, discomfort, and embarrassment with sex. There is that tendency to ignore children’s sexual questions and behaviors, a tendency to believe that we don’t have to answer children’s sexual questions because they couldn’t possibly know what they are asking. This serves to deny the child’s sexuality because of the adult’s own uneasiness. The consequence, of course is that the child gets the message that she is asking an improper question that her mother disapproves of, therefore the child will stop risking her mother’s rejection or anger, keep quiet, and wonder silently to herself.

What Else Could We Possibly Do To Sex Offenders?

What We Can Learn From Casey Anthony

Recent statistics show that children under the age of 5 in the United States are more likely to be killed by their mother than anyone else. Contrary to popular mythology, they are rarely killed by a sex-crazed stranger.

FBI crime statistics show that parents were responsible for 57 percent of child murders, with family friends and acquaintances accounting for another 30 percent and other family members accounting for eight percent

Crime statistics further reveal that of the children under 5 killed, most were murdered by their mothers. More FBI studies have been used to prove that murderous mothers are "sick" and can be used to support the theory that mothers consider children to be their property.


Everything is Now “Potential” Child Porn By Dr. Marty Klein

This is the decade of destroying children to protect them. It’s the decade of arresting teens for emailing sexy photos of themselves, turning them into Registered Sex Offenders. It’s the decade of arresting teens for having sex with each other, turning them into Registered Sex Offenders. It’s the decade of arresting and expelling 6-year-olds for “inappropriately hugging” classmates, turning them into “at-risk juveniles.”

It’s a disgusting Moral Panic. The Fear of Child Porn has gotten completely out of hand.

We know it’s a Panic, because laws that were designed to protect kids are now being used to destroy them, along with some of the basics of our adult system of government. And most people don’t even feel bad about it.

The bizarre behaviors of Sheriff’s Departments, state legislatures, school districts, and “morality” groups are not about protecting kids. They’re about responding to Panic. This is about adults, not about kids. It’s about frightened people reassuring themselves that they’re safe; that they’re doing everything they can to make a changing world less confusing; that they’re “erring on the side of caution” (as if there are no negative aspects to that); and that we specifically aren’t letting the niceties of the Constitution or common sense stop us.

Proposed law would bar sex offenders from veterans cemeteries

Apparently, this Missouri Legislator is referring to DEAD sex offenders, although I'm surprised that she doesn't also wish to exclude living sex offenders from visiting the cemeteries.

Sure, and while we're at it, lets bar any veterans who were guilty of war crimes during their stint in the armed services from being buried in "hallowed ground", too. If they massacred children in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, let's keep them out of the Veteran's Cemeteries, too.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- A Missouri lawmaker has introduced new legislation in Congress that would prevent sex offenders from being buried in national cemeteries.

The "Hallowed Grounds Act," introduced by Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler, would prohibit an individual who is classified as a Tier III sex offender under the Sex Offender Registration Act from being buried at a veterans or national cemetery. A Tier III sex offender is one whose offenses against a child might include the crimes of aggravated sexual abuse or abusive sexual contact.

"While veterans guilty of capital crimes have justly been denied burial in our national cemeteries, veterans guilty of sexual abuse of children are still entitled to these honors," Hartzler said. "Allowing these offenders to rest in fields of honor is an insult to America's military heroes. Furthermore, it is an outrage to the victims and their families."

Just Who Are the "Sex Offenders"?

These National Center for Juvenile Justice findings clearly show that the vast majority of "sex offenses" against children are committed by kids themselves.

How inconvenient for the Crusaders!

"So far, no evidence suggests that children were harmed in the making of the murals".

What a great line!

What is needed, clearly, is a modern-day, sex offender equivalent of the "Malleus Maleficarum", a 15th Century guidebook used to help witch hunters confirm the presence and identity of witches so that they could then be burned at the stake.

Instead, these poor pedo-hunters are left to flail about in their attempt to divine the meaning and significance of individual tiles used in outdoor school mosaics created by a well-known muralist recently arrested for downloading child porn to his computer.

In their vigorous efforts to root out and destroy all bewitched tiles contained within school murals scattered throughout the Bay area, individual tiles are being removed lest they cast their evil spell upon individuals who gaze upon them.

Presumably, possession of some of these tiles will constitute a class 1 felony, much as possession of bibles translated into English were at one time offenses punished by burning at the stake.

" 'Offensive' images found in S.F. school murals

Anthony Josef Norris, a muralist who runs an arts nonprofit for children, in front of a mural he created at Ida B. Wells High School in San Francisco in 2009. Norris has been charged with possession of child pornography.

The head of a children's art organization, arrested three weeks ago for possession of child pornography, placed "offensive" tiles in murals he created at four city schools, San Francisco police said Friday.

Some 100 "inappropriate" tiles have been found in murals at Sunset Elementary School and three other unnamed schools in the city, said Police Chief Greg Suhr.

Anthony Josef Norris, founder and director of Kid Serve Youth Murals,designed and worked on all the projects. The San Francisco man surrendered June 2 to the FBI after agents investigating a website known for child pornography traced the log-on name of "Spanky" to his home computer and discovered 600 pornographic images of children, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed in federal court in San Francisco.

Also under investigation were murals Norris worked on at Old Mill Elementary School in Mill Valley, Global Family School in Oakland and Bahia Vista Elementary School in San Rafael.

Police have not found inappropriate tiles at the Global Family School, said Troy Flint, a spokesman for Oakland Unified School District, who said the mural was checked on Friday. Offensive images were also not discovered during inspections at the other two schools.

The confiscated mosaic tiles measure as small as 1-inch-by-1-inch, Suhr said. Many contain photographic negatives, inlaid behind glass. Others are drawings. Some were installed high above normal viewing levels.

"I think as an adult you look at these tiles and see possibly some sort of sexual connotation to them," said Commander Mike Biel,who declined to describe the offensive images in detail.

Authorities began inspecting close to 40 murals, which comprise tens of thousands of individual tiles, when the San Francisco Unified School District notified authorities after Norris' arrest, Suhr said.

So far, no evidence suggests that children were harmed in the making of the murals.

Norris founded Kid Serve Youth Murals about 12 years ago. He said in a 2009 interview with The Chronicle that his goal was to help youths from preschool to high school develop their design talent and create mosaic murals. "

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signs Bill restricting Sex Offenders from Public Libraries

This is a bizarre, must-read more-than-once bill that does more than just bar sex offenders from libraries.

Inexplicably, it also bars sex offenders from "obtaining sexual offender treatment or attending a sexual offender treatment program."

I'm not sure what their line of reasoning is with that restriction but I'm sure that, in their twisted little minds, it somehow makes sense.

Here's the whole thing:

"This bill makes it a Class E felony offense for a registered sexual offender to do any of the following:

If the offender’s victim was a minor, establish a primary or secondary residence or any other living accommodation, knowingly obtain sexual offender treatment or attend a sexual offender treatment program or knowingly accept employment within 1,000 feet of the property line of any public library;

Be upon or remain on the premises of any building or grounds of any public library when the offender has reason to believe children under 18 years of age are present, unless the offender is attending a conference with public library officials as a parent or legal guardian of a child who is a participant at the public library and has received written permission or a request from the facility’s administrator; or

Stand, sit idly, whether or not the offender is in a vehicle, or remain within 1,000 feet of the property line of any building owned or operated by any public library when children under 18 years of age are present, while not having a reason or relationship involving custody of or responsibility for a child or any other specific or legitimate reason for being there."

It is tempting to dismiss this latest injustice as unremarkable given that it is coming from a state that once gave us the Scopes Monkey Trial and prevented blacks and whites from intermarrying. But, in all honesty, they are probably just keeping up with the other 49 States.

It used to be that the backwardness of the South, with its Angry-God fundamentalism and contempt for separation of church and state, created a distinct cultural dividing line within the country. But now the entire nation has fallen under a cloud of ignorance and superstition where sex offenders are the new "niggers".

All of America has now become a small-minded provincial who spys on her neighbors and makes a great public show about who she will not eat with at the lunch counter. In this environment, organizing a lynch mob must seem like a reasonable approach to solving life's problems.

Why is the government doing so little to end sexual assault in prisons?

The short answer, of course, is that they don't care. They really, really don't.

When the Government Keeps a 2nd Set of Books

The story of a man who felt the only thing left for him to do was to go out in a ball of flames.


"Ball and his family were casualties in what he called a federal "war on men." He wasn't exaggerating – and he has a lot of company."

Los Angeles Attorney Declares Rampant Fraud, Many Abuse Claims Against Catholic Priests are 'Entirely False'

Acknowledging the role of greed in the making of accusations.

Remember Kids; the Cops are NOT Your Friends!

Preteen's family forever changed by call that led to rape case

Is it really such a surprise when the same cops and prosecutors who destroy the lives of adults are just as willingly to destroy the lives of children?

And just WHEN did it become illegal for kids to have sex with other kids?

I think a lot of us were shocked to find out that kids were being arrested, forced into "therapy", incarcerated and forced to register as sex offenders for the crime of experimenting sexually with their friends.

Why is this being tolerated? Why aren't demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience taking place to protest this disgusting PERVERSION of our legal system?

How is it that adults who have even the slightest physical contact (sometimes not even intentionally sexual) with kids are permanently incarcerated and marginalized but cops, prosecutors and therapists can commit atrocities against children and never be held criminally, or even civilly, accountable? Hell, they don't even lose their jobs!

Yes, I am convinced; there IS evil in this world and much of it is committed by the self-righteous, self-proclaimed "child-savers" whose actual goal is to inflict great pain and suffering upon others. These are a power-hungry, sadistic breed who achieve their orgasms through the personal destruction of human beings, including kids.

So, let's stop being surprised that such evil exists and that our tax dollars sustain it. Let us start by standing up to these monsters who walk amongst us, unimpeded and unrestrained by any sense of humanity or decency or rule of law.

Mom Strangles Daughter To Save Her From Pedophiles

Crazy, though she undoubted is, clearly the zeitgeist of our times which identifies pedophiles as one of the gravest threats facing mankind has infiltrated the troubled mind of this mother and influenced her terrible decision to sacrifice her daughter.

Mental instability is coming to be seen as existing on a continuum, with the very slight craziness of most people at one end and the incoherently raving on the other.

Pedophile hysteria, much like religion, has infiltrated the minds of the population and can be seen to be making nearly everyone at least a little bit 'unhinged'.

F.B.I. Agents Get Leeway to Push Privacy Bounds

Richard Nixon would be envious of the powers he would now have as President.

Details emerge about ‘child pornography’ yearbook photo

School officials "demand" that all students return Yearbooks to Avoid Child Porn Charges.

'Shunned' sex offender loses legal battle to keep his baby

The U.K. is actively denying parental rights of fathers once convicted of sex offenses.

Federalizing Sex Offender "Management"

Things to Watch Our For...
Increasing involvement of U.S. Federal authorities in R.S.O. harassment.

Sex "Offenders" were once the sole concern of state and local authorities in the U.S. All punishment, monitoring or harassment were conducted by state or local law enforcement with the federal government playing little, if any, role.

This has changed.

100 Law Enforcement Officers involved in SWAT raid on Motel in Suburban Los Angeles

Mom strangled daughter to 'save' her from pedophiles

Crazy, though she undoubted is, clearly the zeitgeist of our times which identifies pedophiles as one of the gravest threats facing mankind has infiltrated the troubled mind of this mother and influenced her terrible decision to sacrifice her daughter.

Mental instability is coming to be seen as existing on a continuum, with the very slight craziness of most people at one end and the incoherently raving on the other.

Pedophile hysteria, much like religion, has infiltrated the minds of the population and can be seen to be making nearly everyone at least a little bit 'unhinged'.

After deciding fate of feral hogs, Louisiana Senate approves bill to ban sex offenders from Facebook, other sites

Arguably less popular than feral hogs in the Bayou State, sex offenders face ten years in prison (when combined with subsequent civil detention, that means a lifetime) if they choose to fully engage with society through the use of, now de-riguer, communications technologies.

Mass punishment of the sort exercised by Louisiana''s benighted Legislature and its populist Governor is the order of the day, from America's impoverished swamplands to its "liberal" bastions of sophistication.

The permanent incapacitation of sex offenders, as an amorphous class, is a form of indiscriminate punishment that would be instantly compared to the Jews of Nazi Germany were it to be imposed upon any another group of citizens.