6 Year Old Boy Charged With Sexual Assault In Madison Wisconsin

Who on Earth believes that this is a healthy and appropriate response to two small children, literally, playing "doctor"? Well, apart from the Taliban, apparently the prosecutor, Madison Wisconsin District Attorney, Lisa Riniker, does.

Several questions immediately spring to mind:

Is Grant County so flush with taxpayer money that the police and district attorney have uncovered and prosecuted all other, more serious, crimes in their community and are now free to pursue six-year-olds?

Also, let's assume for the moment that Lisa Riniker is sincere in her stated aim of getting the six-year-old boy the "help" he needs (although from past knowledge of prosecutors, sincerity is not one of their stronger traits). What will that "help"consist of? And "what" will he be "helped" with? His sexual curiosity?

Will that "help" actually end up hurting him?

How will this intervention of "help" affect his future emotional well-being?

There were two children involved in playing doctor, both a little girl and a little boy. How was it that the boy was singled-out for prosecution?

It should be manifestly clear that the anti-sex crusade begun decades ago has mutated and expanded to claim ever more victims, including the very children it professes to be "saving".

"Inappropriate" behavior has now become "criminalized" behavior with need of "qualified" taxpayer-funded "intervention" and categorization, if not outright imprisonment and permanently degraded citizenship.

Some of us said, more than a quarter of a century ago, that this was the path along which we were being taken by a bizarre and hateful alliance of right-wing, religious fundamentalists and bitter, power-hungry, female supremacists who had, as their common interest, the hatred of human sexuality.

And, sure enough, it is now easy to see the progression that this movement has taken, with a gradual erosion of rights extending to ever-greater numbers of victims.

One final question: where will this end?

the story: http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime_and_courts/article_c13c6a62-72b8-11e0-8659-001cc4c03286.html

Oak Park police charge boy who allegedly made sex-ranking list

This sort of First Amendment protected speech, juvenile-obnoxious though it may be, would have warranted nothing more than a parental or school principal reprimand in times past.

Now, it's the sort of behavior that is treated as a criminal offense and will, no doubt, eventually require registration as a sex offender.

The "Zero Tolerance" society now deems a schoolboy's creation and dissemination of a list ranking schoolgirl's attractiveness (or other attributes unspecified in the news piece) as a criminal act warranting criminal sanction. Why are we not surprised that the net the hysterics have cast is growing so wide as to ensnare even the kids themselves? Could it be that they are running out of victims, err.. "victimizers"?

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