‘No age of consent law’: Gay Irish Presidential candidate digs in deeper

Editor: David Norris clearly establishes here his courage while relinquishing any possibility of becoming Ireland's next President.

Predictable are the comments pouring in as a reaction to his statements. What is obvious from reading through some of these is that much of the public wants him to be punished, criminally if possible, for voicing his heartfelt, if socially radioactive, opinions.

David Norris has failed the moral litmus test of our times, engineered as it was, by the unlikely cabal of religious fascists in league with angry female supremacists some thirty years ago but which has long since become mainstream. His renunciation of all that is pure and divine in the eyes of the mob which we euphemistically refer to as "society" will cost him dearly. He is courageous, indeed!

DUBLIN, June 9, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Homosexualist Irish presidential hopeful David Norris is fighting to maintain his candidacy amidst even more revelations that he supports “classical pedophilia” and opposes any law specifying an age of consent for sex.

The DSK Effect: French Media Starts Reporting the Peccadilloes (and Pedophilia) of Politicos

Of course, those French who say so are correct; we have been witnessing the spread of puerile American puritanism and for about 30 years now. That's precisely what it is. The result of right wing religious fanatics in league with left-wing female supremacists in the early '80's who had, as a common interest, a hatred of human sexuality and human liberty and a desire to foment hysteria and aggrandize power. C'est Ca! That is the basis upon which we have lost much of our liberty in the U.S. and, increasingly, in much of the rest of the world, by fanning the torch flames with shrieks of "protect the children from pedophiles!". It is always through hysteria and paranoia that we lose our liberties and often the topics of children and sex are the fuel that is thrown on the fire.

Read more: http://globalspin.blogs.time.com/2011/06/02/after-dsk-french-media-starts-reporting-the-peccadilloes-and-pedophilia-of-politicos/#ixzz1OlZbl2Hi

Hiding In Plain Sight

"Sadly, the Internet is the predator's venue of choice today. We need to update our strategies and our laws to stop these offenders who are a mere click away from our children". -Rep. Anthony Weiner

Pornography sentence unconstitutionally cruel, judge rules

Consider that child pornography was actually LEGAL at one time. Later, it became illegal to PRODUCE. And then it became illegal to DISTRIBUTE. And then it became illegal to SHOW to someone else. And then it became illegal to POSSESS if produced AFTER a certain date. And then all possession became illegal. And then the penalties became stiffer. Then stiffer, still. And stiffer again and again.

Consider also that child pornography now includes DRAWINGS and CARTOONS which at no time involved the use of actual children, something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

And these laws can DESTROY the rest of your LIFE, even if there are no victims.

This is the essence of incremental social engineering.

Registered Sex Offenders Lower Neighboring Home Values By 9%, On Average

Ed: Now that's an unintended consequence! The voters overwhelmingly demanded the Registration and they got it. Now let them reap what they have sown!

Sex offenders.
Living in close proximity to a registered sex offender is one of the biggest downward drivers of home values. Researchers at Longwood University's College of Business & Economics conclude that the closer you live to a sex offender, the more your home will depreciate. In the paper, Estimating the Effect of Crime Risk on Property Values and Time on Market: Evidence from Megan's Law in Virginia, Longwoodresearchers say, "the presence of a registered sex offender living within one-tenth of a mile reduces home values by about 9%, and these same homes take as much as 10% longer to sell than homes not located near registered sex offenders."

What "Treatment" Looks Like for Kids Accused Of Sexual Abuse

There is an extremely creepy "therapy" program in Phoenix, Arizona for kids accused of child sexual abuse. The same discredited voodoo pseudo-science that is widely reviled by legitimate mental health professionals as it is used on adults is being used on kids, many of whom are as young as ten. These "treatments" include:
  • being forced to inhale ammonia fumes as "aversion therapy" while viewing "deviant" pornography
  • having the circumferences of their penises measured to see what arouses them sexually and to ensure that they don't have "inappropriate" responses.
  • group degradation sessions in which the "therapists" attempt to destroy the child's sense of self so that it might be later recreated in the image their tormentors would prefer them to have.
If this doesn't outrage you, I can't imagine what could.

*Note: Dear Reader, after looking at this story again I realized that the date of the original story in the Arizona Republic was dated July 1992. I have no idea if the conditions under which child offenders are being treated in Phoenix Arizona are now better or worse than they were in 1992. I suspect that the authorities have become more sophisticated in covering their asses but remain just as indifferent to the emotional well-being of kids.