Mom strangled daughter to 'save' her from pedophiles

Crazy, though she undoubted is, clearly the zeitgeist of our times which identifies pedophiles as one of the gravest threats facing mankind has infiltrated the troubled mind of this mother and influenced her terrible decision to sacrifice her daughter.

Mental instability is coming to be seen as existing on a continuum, with the very slight craziness of most people at one end and the incoherently raving on the other.

Pedophile hysteria, much like religion, has infiltrated the minds of the population and can be seen to be making nearly everyone at least a little bit 'unhinged'.

After deciding fate of feral hogs, Louisiana Senate approves bill to ban sex offenders from Facebook, other sites

Arguably less popular than feral hogs in the Bayou State, sex offenders face ten years in prison (when combined with subsequent civil detention, that means a lifetime) if they choose to fully engage with society through the use of, now de-riguer, communications technologies.

Mass punishment of the sort exercised by Louisiana''s benighted Legislature and its populist Governor is the order of the day, from America's impoverished swamplands to its "liberal" bastions of sophistication.

The permanent incapacitation of sex offenders, as an amorphous class, is a form of indiscriminate punishment that would be instantly compared to the Jews of Nazi Germany were it to be imposed upon any another group of citizens.

Sex offender laws represent the triumph of outrage over reason

by , Reason Magazine

Fear Tactics Used To Bring States Into Adam Walsh Act Compliance

"Virginia, Maryland and the District are struggling to comply with a five-year-old federal mandate to create a national sex offender registry and critics say their failure could cause them to attract violent sex criminals to the region."

Because the threat of losing 10% of their federal funding has not been sufficient incentive to compel the vast majority of states to enact the draconian A.W.A., its proponents are now using the specter of hordes of dangerous sex offenders relocating to their (already inhospitable) states to avoid the even-more horrendous A.W.A. states in order to advance their nightmarish laws.

Ratcheting up hysteria and fear is all these people know how to do. Tragically, they have been quite successful so far.