One Of Hundreds Who Are Arrested Weekly For The Crime Of Not Registering

[Ed: In essence, the government created his "crime". His was a "status" crime: The government stripped him of rights other citizens still (for the time being) possess and despite the fact that he had already served his time in prison. His "crime" was simply to assert his liberties and to insist that they could not be permanently shorn from him.

By not staying on the short leash they had decided to tie him up with, he became a "criminal" charged with a felony for NOT doing something that the rest of us take for granted: the right to be "let alone". By doing nothing, he committed a "crime" and will pay for it with what little freedom he possesses.

If he's lucky, he will get out of prison before he dies. If he's very unlucky, he will be attacked by real criminals who sate their own bloodlust and elevate their own deservedly wretched sense of importance by torturing or killing "molesters".

By refusing to acknowledge the government's control over him in a way that no other free citizen would tolerate, by making the decision to "disappear" from the radar of the police state because his life had become so intolerable, he will likely never see the outside of a prison cell again.

Ask yourself this question: if your rights had been stripped from you and you were forced to be treated by all of society as scum, often for little reason (which is what many sex offenses amount to) wouldn't you want to disappear, too? ]

Wisconsin fugitive arrested in Idaho

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (AP) -- Idaho police say they have apprehended a sex offender who eluded Wisconsin authorities for 14 years.

Garden City police say 65-year-old Dale Dolan was arrested Saturday at a local trailer park.

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections says Dolan was convicted in Dane and St. Croix counties in 1985. He was charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child. He fled the state following his parole in 1994.

Dolan was supposed to register as a sex offender for life. Officials say he has been living in several states the last 14 years.

Wallace says the arresting officers acted on a tip that Dolan was living in Garden City, located just west of Boise.

Dolan is in jail awaiting extradition to Wisconsin.

Washington A.G. Says All Pedophiles Use Child Porn

Ed: Yes, and all witches float when thrown into a body of water. Attorney General McKenna is a very wise man indeed, for he knows what many thousands of psychologists do not, namely that all pedophiles are obliged to consume child pornography. It is expertise such as his that has lead us to a state of hysteria in which criminal justice is guided by emotion and vengeance rather than reason and information, where pedophilia is conflated, without discrimination, with child abduction and murder, and where the worst amongst them determines the fate of all. Welcome to the witch hunt with none of the encumbrances of the 17th century and all of the conveniences of the 21st. ]

When state lawmakers launch the 2009 legislative session in Olympia next week, Attorney General Rob McKenna has a long wish list for them. Most of the proposals would cost little, but he said they would have a big impact on criminals, crime victims, consumers and struggling families. Among his proposals: Create a new crime of "viewing child pornography." People view it now, McKenna said, but try to foil prosecution by not downloading the files to their computer hard drives. "While not every user of child pornography is a pedophile — yet — every pedophile is a user of child pornography," McKenna said. The bill also calls for a study of the feasibility of a state "digital forensics lab" to aid porn investigations. "We want to catch these guys earlier, before they can actually physically harm a child," McKenna said, "and put them somewhere where they can get help." Among the bill's early backers: Rep.-elect Matt Shea, R-Mead. Impose tougher penalties for repeat domestic abusers. Some 25 years after lawmakers passed the first domestic-violence protection act, McKenna said, "our laws do not treat domestic violence with the seriousness it demands." He wants past offenses to count toward longer sentences for abusers, instead of seeing chronic criminals get "an effectively painless timeout in a local jail." Require Open Meetings Act training for elected officials, and allowing judges to order officials to record their closed-to-the-public executive sessions if they're caught wrongly discussing public business in such meetings. Clamp down on prison inmates who've made a "cottage industry" of filing spurious requests for public records to collect money for any violations. "These requesters gum up the works for everyone else," McKenna said. He cited the cases of several prisoners, including one who made 788 records requests and allegedly bragged he was using the law to try to harass prison officials into transferring him. Expand the new-vehicle lemon law, extending its protection for three years or 36,000 miles, among other changes. Extend state disclosure laws on mail prizes and promotions to the Internet and clamp down on "free-trial" offers that end up signing you up automatically for payments. "It's all about providing transparency for consumer protection," said state Rep.-elect Kevin Parker, R-Spokane, who's sponsoring the bill. Toughen sentences for preying on older or disabled adults.

Prosecutor: Accused Sex Offender Died While Fleeing Vigilante Gang

[Ed: The U.K. continues to lead the world in levels of unbridled hysteria over sex offenders with mob justice becoming increasingly more common.

I find it interesting that the English, renowned for their historically harsh mistreatment, both physical and psychological, of their children and, of course,
their stoicism, can become so irrational when the topic turns to kids and sex.

The Queen herself and Prince Phillip are reported to have treated their own children with an icy coldness which would be almost unimaginable today. And this was a model loosely emulated down the ladder of class which, upon arriving at its bottom, frequently took the form of actual child-beating.

Of course, I must hasten to add that, over the last several decades, major cultural shifts have occurred in the British Isles and that parental treatment of children has vastly improved. That
the froideur reserved for children in the past has become an anachronism in today's Britain, is certainly to the good and laudable.

But there are other characteristics, admirable qualities, which have diminished as well and I rather miss them. There was a rationalism and objectivity which seem to have completely vanished amongst
the paroxysms of grief expressed in the aftermath of Princess Diana's death. And, as in the States, the freedom of children to roam about unchaperoned by fussing adults has virtually disappeared. And then there's the blind rage which we see now today when the subject turns to "paedophiles".

I wonder if these cultural shifts are
somehow connected. One thing I am sure of: television has something to do with it. ]

A British man suspected of sexually abusing a teen fell to his death while trying to run from a group of five vigilantes, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Several individual showed up at the apartment of 44-year-old Scott Campbell in July 2008, hours after a 13-year-old boy claimed Campbell sexually assaulted him, the Manchester Evening News reported. Prosecutor Peter Cadwallader told a Manchester Crown Court that the group was armed with a variety of weapons, including a baseball bat, hammer and bicycle chain.

Campbell was able to close his door before the group could force their way in to his second floor apartment and tried to climb over his balcony in an attempt to escape as the gang banged on his front door, the Daily Mail newspaper reported. But he lost his grip on a rail and fell to the ground, dying instantly.

The five suspects allegedly tried to hide their weapons from CCTV cameras, which also captured Campbell's death.

"The only sensible conclusion is that they intended to give the man a beating,” the Manchester Evening News quoted Cadwallader as saying. “This was a vigilante group seeking revenge.”

The five suspects have been charged with manslaughter.

After massive search, Level 3 sex offender arrested

SAUGUS - The Level 3 sex offender who caused a massive air and ground search Dec. 29 was found and arrested at his Holden Avenue home without incident Monday afternoon, police said.

Police tried to arrest Richard Breau, 30, of 19 Holden Ave., at his home last Monday around 3 p.m. for an alleged probation violation. Police said his live-in girlfriend answered the front door when they arrived but Breau ran out the back door into some woods, resulting in a massive search by Saugus and state police that included a helicopter and K-9 units.

The search was called off about 5 p.m. due to darkness.

According to police, Breau called his girlfriend two days later and told her he was somewhere in Revere. He said he borrowed a cell phone to call her.

The girlfriend told police Sunday that Breau said he had no money, clothing or means to contact her at the time, police said.

Police also interviewed Breau's father on Sunday but he said he hadn't heard from his son.

According to police, officers went to Breau's home about 1:05 p.m. Monday where he was found. He was taken into custody without incident, police said.

Authorities had initially tried to arrest Breau because he had an outstanding 2007 warrant for larceny over $250, which is a violation of his probation.

Breau was convicted in April 1998 of eight counts of child rape when he was 20 years old. Multiple sources said Breau was convicted of raping his then-girlfriend who was 15 years old at the time.

DEFINING "CHILD": Trying To Have It Both Ways

I particularly liked this statement which appeared as a comment to an online review of the movie "Doubt".

"It is always dangerous to combine “children” with “underage” as those are two different categories. One is a metaphysical reality and the other is a legal line drawn by politicians. And today, by defining teens as “children” the State has begun waging a war on teens who are now incarcerated as ’sex offenders’ for a romp in the back of the Chevy. Surely this is Big Government run amok and it doesn’t help when social conservatives push this exaggerated hysteria which is then used to prop up massive intrusions into family life.

These laws are removing parental power over their children and destroying family life. Because conservatives (and even some libertarians) promote this fear they are helping erect an edifice with immense powers over families.

While so-called liberals are defined as “anti-family” surely the Big Government intrusion into family life is even more anti-family. And need I point out that if the plot were different, but with the same characters, this review would be very different.

If the teenage boy in the film had committed a violent crime, and the family was claiming he was just a “mere child” the reviewer, I suspect would be shreiking that the teen be tried as an adult since “he knows better”. When it comes to sexual issues conservatives want teens seen as small childlren, when it comes to crime they want them seen as adult threats. Pick one side and stick to it."

Guilty plea avoids trial for mother who beat offender

The new neighbor was a convicted sex offender, so Tammy Lee Gibson attacked him with an aluminum baseball bat.

Gibson, a Pierce County resident, pleaded guilty Monday to third-degree assault stemming from the incident on June 16 of last year. It was a plea bargain, reduced from original charges of second-degree assault and felony harassment.

Gibson, 40, faces up to eight months in jail. Her sentencing is set for for Feb. 27 in Pierce County Superior Court.

Deputy prosecutor Sunni Ko said the guilty plea resolves a case that could have turned into a tricky trial. Initial police reports of the incident said the victim, William Allen Baldwin, might have suffered a broken arm. He didn’t.

Charging papers said Gibson saw fliers announcing that Baldwin, a Level 3 sex offender, had moved into the 7900 block of River Road East to live with a relative. Gibson, armed with the small aluminum bat, went to the address and knocked. Baldwin answered the door.

Gibson accused him of molesting her children. Baldwin hadn’t. Gibson started swinging.

Ko said a trial would have raised several questions. Would the small bat qualify as a deadly weapon? Would a jury sympathize with Gibson, allegedly a crime victim in the past?

“That could certainly sway a juror,” Ko said. “We took a lot of that into consideration. This is a plea to a felony, which still recognizes this person who was assaulted.”