"Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us".
- William O. Douglas

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.
- Noam Chomsky

"If you're uncomfortable about Blacks, you're a racist; uncomfortable about Jews, you're an anti-semite. But today, if you're uncomfortable about sex, you're a civic leader."
-Marty Klein

"We have reached a point in our history where lies are protected speech and the truth is criminal".
- Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Perry Barlow

"It is awful" to prosecute a 15-year-old girl who told a rape lie that got a boy arrested, says women's rights advocat

In the news story posted below, at the end of this post, a 15-year-old girl was convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice for telling a rape lie that caused the boy she accused, who was just 14, to be arrested. She claimed she was raped, but the court rejected her defense, and she was convicted. Yet, according to the news story: "The decision to prosecute the girl, now 16, was criticised by anti-rape campaigners. Lisa Longstaff, of the campaign group Women Against Rape, said: 'It is awful that a girl so young has been prosecuted in this way.'"

Read that again, and let it sink in.

If the girl's lie had its intended effect, would anyone have objected if theboy had been tried (and in many jurisdictions, he might have been tried as an adult) for the rape of an innocent young woman? Would anyone have said "it's awful" that a boy so young should be prosecuted?"

The question scarcely survives its statement.

So, why the double standard, Ms. Longstaff? Why are you intent on treating 15-year-old young women -- who, on average, are more mature in every measurable way than 14-year-old boys -- as if they are infants and not free moral agents who ought to know better? Why is the sexual grievance industry so intent on shielding false rape accusers from the responsibilities of their vile acts?

For every other criminal act, our society believes that punishing the wrongdoer, among other things, has the effect of deterring other would-be criminals. Why is that not a concern when women lie about rape?

When anti-rape campaigners inject themselves into cases where there was no rape, when they advocate on behalf of rape liars, they aren't helping rape victims. In almost every false rape case, judges and police officers bemoan the harm done to actual rape victims by the lies told by false rape accusers. The advocacy here by Women Against Rape trivializes rape by conflating rape victims with false rape accusers; by enabling would-be false rape accusers to spin their lies and possibly hurt other flesh-and-blood men and boys; and by diminishing the integrity of every woman who legitimately cries rape. In short, this unconscionable advocacy hurts not only innocent men and boys but actual rape victims.

Somehow, it seems they don't care that their advocacy is having the opposite effect of its stated intent to help rape victims. How could that be, and what, exactly, is really going on here?

When anti-rape crusaders advocate on behalf of rape liars, they are pursuing what can only be described as a politicized, gender-divisive agenda that seems intended to announce to all that world that the victimization of our sons is not worthy of society's attention. When it comes to even far-fetched claims of rape, men and boys have no entitlement to the mantle of victimhood.

This mentality, of course, smells of feminist bloodlust, an ugly desire for payback for the purported past sins of the "patriarchy." Even though the 14-year-old male victim in this case is a real victim, and even though he had nothing to do with any past sins of the "patriarchy."

Shame on you, Lisa Longstaff. Your advocacy here is disgraceful.

I hope that Ms. Longstaff doesn't have a teenage son who someday might be falsely accused of rape. Perhaps then she will understand that the falsely accused are treated no better than flotsam, collateral damage in the "more important" war on rape. In "he said/she said" rape claims involving two teens, even though either one of the parties might be guilty of a crime (rape for him, perverting the course of justice for her) the boy alone is routinely arrested and charged, while the girl is treated as a "victim." Boys are often subjected to indignities in detention, inflicted either by the staff or other inmates. Even when they are exonerated, they are expected to just "take it like a man." The experience of being falsely accused of rape is inhumane generally, but doubly so when it happens to a teenage boy.

The district judge concluded that the girl knew that claiming she had been raped would get the boy into trouble. It was possible, the judge added, that the girl had lied because she feared she was pregnant or it could be that she had lied to "cover her tracks."

In other words, just another day in our false rape society.

(If you want to read more about how false rape claims are treated in 21st Century America, with all its supposed enlightenment, see here.)

Virginia lawmaker wants to castrate sex offenders, as alternative to costly state treatment programs

Ed: The underlying assumption behind all such hysterical and hateful legislation is that:

1. All of those sex offenders convicted and sent to prison are guilty.
2. Of those who are guilty, their crimes were "sexually violent", "heinous" or otherwise "castration-worthy". (please do see previous pieces defining "sexual violence")

Those sane individuals who understand this issue in sufficient depth to hold a rational opinion do not believe either of those assumptions.

They know that every aspect of the laws and social zeitgeist surrounding sex hysteria are informed by ignorance and an atavistic hatred of "other".

They know that the term "sexually 'violent' predator" is a complete perversion of language and a baldly cynical attempt to inflame the fires of hysteria, invariably with a hidden agenda of gaining power, funding, or influence.

The ultimate goal of those propagating such laws and ideas is TOTAL, SOCIAL COMPLIANCE, and it will NOT stop with sex offenders.

This can only get worse as society's ignorant and brutal classes organize and act while the rational and the intelligent sit on the sidelines merely observing.

Virginia State Sen. Emmett Hanger has proposed a bill that would have Virginia state agencies study whether castrating sex offenders would save the state money.

Republican State Sen. Emmett Hanger's bill would have state agencies study whether Virginia should start castrating sex offenders instead of confining them to treatment programs after they get out of jail.

Former Gov. Timothy Kaine vetoed a similar bill in 2007.

Hanger's critics call the idea barbaric, but he said it would save the state money and could provide a cure.

"I don't think it's radical at all," Hanger told the Associated Press. "It's just something that's not typically the thing you want to bring up in polite conversation, but again the whole subject area is not for polite conversation.

"We're talking about people who are so driven because of the tendencies from the chemicals and the hormones inside their body to perform heinous acts."

Virginia is one of 20 states with a civil commitment program, whose purpose is to keep violent sex offenders off the streets by allowing the government to keep them in custody – in psychiatric hospitals, for example – after they are released from prison.

The state's commitment program ballooned to $24 million this year, up from $2.7 million in 2004, and Gov. Bob McDonnell wants to spend $70 million over the next two years.

Hanger's bill wants state agencies to study the option of physical castration – cutting off a man's testicles or removing a woman's ovaries. Louisiana and Texas have legalized physical castration, while six other states allow for some form of castration of sex offenders, including chemical, which uses pharmaceuticals to stop a person's sex drive.

The bill doesn't only aim below the belt, though.

It also would require the state to consider changing the criteria for entering the civil commitment program, as well as creating housing options for those released, who are forbidden from halfway houses.

Some critics argued that castration would not be effective because it would not address the motivation that causes sexual predators to act on their impulses.

"When abuse and mutilation of a human being is presented as an acceptable alternative to responsible treatment and housing for those deemed as sexually violent predators, there exists a fault of reason," Mary Devoy, founder of Reform Sex Offender Laws of Virginia, told the AP.

When A Boy Wants To Be A Man

Ours is not a time and place in which a man can easily wax rhapsodic about his childhood sex with married men and priests; but Sergio - an accomplished, handsome and quiet middle-aged resident of Wilton Manors, in a fifteen year relationship - wanted his story told, albeit anonymously. What happened to Sergio is not unique, but his conclusions constitute a confession usually never given voice. Over dinner, I recorded that story and deliver it to you in his own words. Without judgment. Without commentary.

“I grew up in a city on the Italian Riviera that had been devastated by World War II. It was rebuilt but it had lost its soul and its prosperity. My father struggled to find work to support his family of seven. In the 1960s, he took a second job running the movie theater owned by our parish church. My mother was the cashier and I sold candy in the lobby. My father was a deeply religious man. When the canisters of film arrived on Fridays, he would pre-screen them and if he saw a kiss or even a bedroom, he would cut and splice them. He didn’t know that I was downstairs in the theater watching the uncut versions. My job was to clean up the projection room for him. I would save the scraps he had cut and hold them up to the light in my bedroom. Very Cinema Paradiso.

“Parents dropped their kids off at the theater on Saturdays because it was safe. Before the movie started, the priest would get up on stage and make us say ten Hail Marys. The church was the center of our life and I was leader of the altar boys. We each had a card that the priests would sign every time we served Mass. After twenty times, we got a prize, like candy or a soccer ball. If you didn’t go to Mass on Sunday, you couldn’t play soccer on the church team or use the church recreation field.

“Even as a small child, I learned that sex was a sin. I confessed it all the time. There were seven priests in that parish. Each one had his own confessional with his name on it and a bell. When you rang the bell, that priest would come to the church and hear your confession. I went all the time because of sex and because they taught me that in confession I could wipe the slate clean. I had to lie in each confession because I didn’t want to admit I had just gone the day before. Each day I rang a different bell and confessed to a different priest so they wouldn’t know it was me again so soon, and I never said that I masturbated, only that I had ‘done bad things behind my mother’s back.’

“One of the altar boys who was my age took me alone into a room at the church youth center. He put my hand on his dick and taught me how to rub it. I loved it and wanted to do it every chance we got. Soon there were other altar boys in our group. This kind of fun is how we ended all our Catholic activities until one time, one of the boys ejaculated and that scared the shit out of us.

“When I was about ten years old, I was in the movie theater in the back row on the aisle. One of the priests was sitting next to me. He was the youngest of the seven, maybe 25 or 30, and he was in charge of the youth groups. The other altar boys were spread throughout the theater. I felt his knee against my leg. I didn’t move away. It felt very nice, all through the movie. Next week, the same thing, only I put on a lot more pressure. I started leaning against him. He took my hand and drew it into his robes and into his pants and I grabbed his dick, and I have to say it was the best thing I ever felt in my life. I didn’t want to let it go for the rest of my life. I didn’t move it. I just held it. I felt that either I had died and gone to heaven or that I was home. Next day, I went to the church and rang his bell. Instead of the confessional, he took me into the storage basement of the church where we were surrounded by statues and all the stuff used on feast days. The only thing I wanted was to take out his dick. I was really the aggressor. We did it frequently. I only knew that it felt good. He never asked me not to tell. He never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do. Sometimes it was with the priest and three altar boys. Never kissing or hugging. Just the sex organ. No incentives offered, just my own pleasure. If I did not have that experience with the priest, I would have found it somewhere else.

“One time, my father kicked a man out of the theater because a boy said he had been touched by him, and my father chased him down the street yelling insults at him. The only thing I wanted to do was to run after that man, grab him by the hand and say, ‘Take me with you.’ I had fantasies about our family doctor, that he would take me away and we would live on an island where everyone was just like us. No wonder I live in Wilton Manors which is exactly that kind of island.

“After the priest, I started seeking other opportunities. There were always several married men at the church who I was having sex with. With one I had a code. If his wife was not home, there was a white towel on the door. With another one, I would go to the cemetery with him when he bought flowers to place on his wife’s tomb in the little chapel over the family vault, and that is where we had sex. In my little head it began to click that I should get married like them but still do this forever. The other altar boys I had sex with all got married. I did not want to be a priest. I hated the priests who came into our church to recruit for the seminary. They would take me for a walk and put their arms around me and say that Jesus was calling me.

“Also in my head it began to click that sex was forbidden by the church but that everyone did it anyway. We were strictly forbidden even to watch when the bull was brought to a neighbor’s house to stud the cows; but every time we saw the truck go by with the bull in it, all of us boys would say, ‘Okay, we know where we’re going later.’

“When I was 18, the pressure was on me to get married. For two years, I had a girlfriend who broke off our engagement because I would not have sex with her. I left the country and went to London where I joined a huge gay community. I met mostly older gay men and one friend brought me to an Anglican church that hosted gay nights with dances and raffles and events. My friend said, ‘Honey, you’re home.’ I went home with someone on my first night there. It’s funny that some church is always involved in the milestones of my sex life. The experience of religion is the experience of the erotic, and that is something people won’t talk about.

“They say we repeat our early sexual experience, but I would never have sex with a boy. I shy away from young people. I’m not comfortable. I don’t know why. I owe a lot to what some older guys did for me. Maybe I should be helping younger guys.

“I was absolutely not abused. After the first contact with his knee, I was going after that priest more than he was going after me. That is the truth. There is no doubt in my mind, that I wanted it more than he did. I have a very difficult time with these people who are suing priests because for me, there was no coercion. He didn’t even offer candy or gifts. There was no incentive but my own pleasure. All these years when all of these abuse stories came out, I never felt sympathy for those who brought charges against priests. I know that I was very young when it happened to me but I could have stayed with it or walked away. Some of my friends walked away. I didn’t. I went back. I rang that bell. I liked it.

“Today kids don’t have the same opportunity. Those married men would today be classed as predators. It never occurred to me, never crossed my mind that I would turn in any of them. I believe that now kids 12-16 are a lot more aware of things than I was. I think they have some malice that I didn’t have. I believe that what I was doing was not wrong. It was consensual. Some would say that you can’t have consensual sex when one of the parties is a kid. That’s bullshit. I was the aggressor. I had to ring that bell. I had to go up the stairs. I had to seek it out. Either I am a freak or there is something else that I either can’t explain or don’t understand.

“Sex comes with the baggage of guilt. The fact is that when I was a kid, I couldn’t talk about sex with anybody, and this sense of sin screws you up with your whole life. I think I am a better person because of what happened to me. That’s how I was able to understand who I was. That so many people in the church did what I did, there is not anything wrong with it. We are sexual beings. We can control our urges as we get older only because they diminish. The church gave me not just my sexual identity but my whole identity. It showed me that what they preach is not the truth, and I think the priests wanted me to know that. My experience freed me from big baggage.”


#4 Martin D. Goodkin 2011-01-24 13:39
JP, there is a difference--I, and in most cases Sergio,did the pursuing--we knew what we wanted and went for it.
I knew I was gay by the time I was 10--hey I played 'doctor' with the older boys of 12-13, not the girls--but didn't act on it til I was 12.
I was VERY active in NYC as a teenager going to the baths, bars, Rockefeller building 8th floor tearoom, the subway restrooms, etc. but, again, I did the pursuing.
I am sure some of the guys I picked up were predators but I didn't care--I got what I want.
I am, and always will be, indebted to those older men who taught me so much including not to be ashamed of who I am.
Sorry you had a 'bad' time and it sounds as if you are still carrying the baggage of what happened that long ago time.
Maybe I was lucky because all I have 50+ years later are kind warm thoughts and memories, including remembering many names, of those 'old' men.

#3 JP 2011-01-24 13:08
Marina Fontanascura's story rang several bells for me since there were aspects in the narrative concerning my own pursuit of adults when I was a teenager. But I have to say that there were also aspects that disturbed me a little. As an eight year old I was sexually abused by the verger of the church where I was a choir boy and it was a very unpleasant experience. For someone that age, I truly did not have the ability to say "no' and although it would be wrong to say that the encounter coloured the rest of my life, it did awaken my sexuality at much too early an age which brought its own problems. The other important point is where the person telling the story says he has a difficult time with the people who are bringing cases against the priests. I think it's worth pointing out that for a heterosexually inclined boy, being molested by a man would have the same adverse effect as a homosexually inclined boy being molested by a woman. It is a trifle naive to believe that all children have the ability to resist. Recently there was a TV program concerning four middle-aged men who had been systematically abused by a school master. As they recalled the abuse, their distress was absolutely genuine and very hard to watch. One man said that the worst thing about it was that he felt terribly guilty for enjoying the attention the abuse was giving him. I think when young, it is extremely difficult to sort out emotions aroused in these sort of encounters. We are all different and we all react to situations in different ways which is why I sincerely believe that adults have an absolute responsibility concerning the way they treat young people and therefore no form of sexual abuse of the young should be tolerated.

#2 sam 2011-01-21 20:44
I have to agree. When I was a kid of about eleven or twelve I started actively pursuing older men. I remember one man I knew liked me, he was my father's friend, but he kept turning me down. Finally one weekend I knew his wife was out of town I went over to his house and succeeded in my quest. I was thirteen at the time. Those are the best memories of my life.

Because of the hysteria, the gay community of America has become extremely hostile to boys who want to express their sexuality. It's really sad, and I think very damaging.

#1 Martin D. Goodkin 2011-01-21 11:38
At the ages of 12-13 in the late 40s I was cruising 'old men' of 20, 21 in the Bronx at the local movie theatre. By the time I was in my mid-teens I was going to the bars and baths in Manhattan going after the older men in their 30s-40s.
I looked older, was never questioned about my age, and agresively pursued the older man. I have many tales and in fact wrote a book called "The Free Prisoner", published a couple of years ago telling the story.
Having always gone for older men now at 75 I am not finding too many!!! LOL