A Reminder of what "Sexually Violent Predator" Really Means

I would like to point out that the term "Sexually Violent Predator" rarely means what folks could reasonably expect it to mean.

"Sexually Violent Predator" does not require actual "violence". In every state using the term it means having ANY kind of sex with someone under the age of 14 or 13 (depends on the State).

The mere act of having sex with someone under that age is, in the State's definition, "sexual violence". No actual violence need be employed.

Thus, it serves to drum up lots of hysterical reaction from the public. Politicians love the term because it allows them to set the public's agenda and to offer themselves up as tough-on-crime problem-solvers. Local T.V. news reporters love it because everyone wants to stay tuned to learn the details (which are never revealed). This is the dirty little secret none of you are being told. The problem is, most of you don't want to know it, either. It's more fun to create monsters and chase them around than it is to pay attention to the very real problems our children encounter in their daily lives.

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