Proposed law would bar sex offenders from veterans cemeteries

Apparently, this Missouri Legislator is referring to DEAD sex offenders, although I'm surprised that she doesn't also wish to exclude living sex offenders from visiting the cemeteries.

Sure, and while we're at it, lets bar any veterans who were guilty of war crimes during their stint in the armed services from being buried in "hallowed ground", too. If they massacred children in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, let's keep them out of the Veteran's Cemeteries, too.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- A Missouri lawmaker has introduced new legislation in Congress that would prevent sex offenders from being buried in national cemeteries.

The "Hallowed Grounds Act," introduced by Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler, would prohibit an individual who is classified as a Tier III sex offender under the Sex Offender Registration Act from being buried at a veterans or national cemetery. A Tier III sex offender is one whose offenses against a child might include the crimes of aggravated sexual abuse or abusive sexual contact.

"While veterans guilty of capital crimes have justly been denied burial in our national cemeteries, veterans guilty of sexual abuse of children are still entitled to these honors," Hartzler said. "Allowing these offenders to rest in fields of honor is an insult to America's military heroes. Furthermore, it is an outrage to the victims and their families."

Just Who Are the "Sex Offenders"?

These National Center for Juvenile Justice findings clearly show that the vast majority of "sex offenses" against children are committed by kids themselves.

How inconvenient for the Crusaders!

"So far, no evidence suggests that children were harmed in the making of the murals".

What a great line!

What is needed, clearly, is a modern-day, sex offender equivalent of the "Malleus Maleficarum", a 15th Century guidebook used to help witch hunters confirm the presence and identity of witches so that they could then be burned at the stake.

Instead, these poor pedo-hunters are left to flail about in their attempt to divine the meaning and significance of individual tiles used in outdoor school mosaics created by a well-known muralist recently arrested for downloading child porn to his computer.

In their vigorous efforts to root out and destroy all bewitched tiles contained within school murals scattered throughout the Bay area, individual tiles are being removed lest they cast their evil spell upon individuals who gaze upon them.

Presumably, possession of some of these tiles will constitute a class 1 felony, much as possession of bibles translated into English were at one time offenses punished by burning at the stake.

" 'Offensive' images found in S.F. school murals

Anthony Josef Norris, a muralist who runs an arts nonprofit for children, in front of a mural he created at Ida B. Wells High School in San Francisco in 2009. Norris has been charged with possession of child pornography.

The head of a children's art organization, arrested three weeks ago for possession of child pornography, placed "offensive" tiles in murals he created at four city schools, San Francisco police said Friday.

Some 100 "inappropriate" tiles have been found in murals at Sunset Elementary School and three other unnamed schools in the city, said Police Chief Greg Suhr.

Anthony Josef Norris, founder and director of Kid Serve Youth Murals,designed and worked on all the projects. The San Francisco man surrendered June 2 to the FBI after agents investigating a website known for child pornography traced the log-on name of "Spanky" to his home computer and discovered 600 pornographic images of children, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed in federal court in San Francisco.

Also under investigation were murals Norris worked on at Old Mill Elementary School in Mill Valley, Global Family School in Oakland and Bahia Vista Elementary School in San Rafael.

Police have not found inappropriate tiles at the Global Family School, said Troy Flint, a spokesman for Oakland Unified School District, who said the mural was checked on Friday. Offensive images were also not discovered during inspections at the other two schools.

The confiscated mosaic tiles measure as small as 1-inch-by-1-inch, Suhr said. Many contain photographic negatives, inlaid behind glass. Others are drawings. Some were installed high above normal viewing levels.

"I think as an adult you look at these tiles and see possibly some sort of sexual connotation to them," said Commander Mike Biel,who declined to describe the offensive images in detail.

Authorities began inspecting close to 40 murals, which comprise tens of thousands of individual tiles, when the San Francisco Unified School District notified authorities after Norris' arrest, Suhr said.

So far, no evidence suggests that children were harmed in the making of the murals.

Norris founded Kid Serve Youth Murals about 12 years ago. He said in a 2009 interview with The Chronicle that his goal was to help youths from preschool to high school develop their design talent and create mosaic murals. "

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signs Bill restricting Sex Offenders from Public Libraries

This is a bizarre, must-read more-than-once bill that does more than just bar sex offenders from libraries.

Inexplicably, it also bars sex offenders from "obtaining sexual offender treatment or attending a sexual offender treatment program."

I'm not sure what their line of reasoning is with that restriction but I'm sure that, in their twisted little minds, it somehow makes sense.

Here's the whole thing:

"This bill makes it a Class E felony offense for a registered sexual offender to do any of the following:

If the offender’s victim was a minor, establish a primary or secondary residence or any other living accommodation, knowingly obtain sexual offender treatment or attend a sexual offender treatment program or knowingly accept employment within 1,000 feet of the property line of any public library;

Be upon or remain on the premises of any building or grounds of any public library when the offender has reason to believe children under 18 years of age are present, unless the offender is attending a conference with public library officials as a parent or legal guardian of a child who is a participant at the public library and has received written permission or a request from the facility’s administrator; or

Stand, sit idly, whether or not the offender is in a vehicle, or remain within 1,000 feet of the property line of any building owned or operated by any public library when children under 18 years of age are present, while not having a reason or relationship involving custody of or responsibility for a child or any other specific or legitimate reason for being there."

It is tempting to dismiss this latest injustice as unremarkable given that it is coming from a state that once gave us the Scopes Monkey Trial and prevented blacks and whites from intermarrying. But, in all honesty, they are probably just keeping up with the other 49 States.

It used to be that the backwardness of the South, with its Angry-God fundamentalism and contempt for separation of church and state, created a distinct cultural dividing line within the country. But now the entire nation has fallen under a cloud of ignorance and superstition where sex offenders are the new "niggers".

All of America has now become a small-minded provincial who spys on her neighbors and makes a great public show about who she will not eat with at the lunch counter. In this environment, organizing a lynch mob must seem like a reasonable approach to solving life's problems.

Why is the government doing so little to end sexual assault in prisons?

The short answer, of course, is that they don't care. They really, really don't.

When the Government Keeps a 2nd Set of Books

The story of a man who felt the only thing left for him to do was to go out in a ball of flames.


"Ball and his family were casualties in what he called a federal "war on men." He wasn't exaggerating – and he has a lot of company."

Los Angeles Attorney Declares Rampant Fraud, Many Abuse Claims Against Catholic Priests are 'Entirely False'

Acknowledging the role of greed in the making of accusations.

Remember Kids; the Cops are NOT Your Friends!

Preteen's family forever changed by call that led to rape case

Is it really such a surprise when the same cops and prosecutors who destroy the lives of adults are just as willingly to destroy the lives of children?

And just WHEN did it become illegal for kids to have sex with other kids?

I think a lot of us were shocked to find out that kids were being arrested, forced into "therapy", incarcerated and forced to register as sex offenders for the crime of experimenting sexually with their friends.

Why is this being tolerated? Why aren't demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience taking place to protest this disgusting PERVERSION of our legal system?

How is it that adults who have even the slightest physical contact (sometimes not even intentionally sexual) with kids are permanently incarcerated and marginalized but cops, prosecutors and therapists can commit atrocities against children and never be held criminally, or even civilly, accountable? Hell, they don't even lose their jobs!

Yes, I am convinced; there IS evil in this world and much of it is committed by the self-righteous, self-proclaimed "child-savers" whose actual goal is to inflict great pain and suffering upon others. These are a power-hungry, sadistic breed who achieve their orgasms through the personal destruction of human beings, including kids.

So, let's stop being surprised that such evil exists and that our tax dollars sustain it. Let us start by standing up to these monsters who walk amongst us, unimpeded and unrestrained by any sense of humanity or decency or rule of law.

Mom Strangles Daughter To Save Her From Pedophiles

Crazy, though she undoubted is, clearly the zeitgeist of our times which identifies pedophiles as one of the gravest threats facing mankind has infiltrated the troubled mind of this mother and influenced her terrible decision to sacrifice her daughter.

Mental instability is coming to be seen as existing on a continuum, with the very slight craziness of most people at one end and the incoherently raving on the other.

Pedophile hysteria, much like religion, has infiltrated the minds of the population and can be seen to be making nearly everyone at least a little bit 'unhinged'.

F.B.I. Agents Get Leeway to Push Privacy Bounds

Richard Nixon would be envious of the powers he would now have as President.

Details emerge about ‘child pornography’ yearbook photo

School officials "demand" that all students return Yearbooks to Avoid Child Porn Charges.

'Shunned' sex offender loses legal battle to keep his baby

The U.K. is actively denying parental rights of fathers once convicted of sex offenses.

Federalizing Sex Offender "Management"

Things to Watch Our For...
Increasing involvement of U.S. Federal authorities in R.S.O. harassment.

Sex "Offenders" were once the sole concern of state and local authorities in the U.S. All punishment, monitoring or harassment were conducted by state or local law enforcement with the federal government playing little, if any, role.

This has changed.

100 Law Enforcement Officers involved in SWAT raid on Motel in Suburban Los Angeles