Remember Kids; the Cops are NOT Your Friends!

Preteen's family forever changed by call that led to rape case

Is it really such a surprise when the same cops and prosecutors who destroy the lives of adults are just as willingly to destroy the lives of children?

And just WHEN did it become illegal for kids to have sex with other kids?

I think a lot of us were shocked to find out that kids were being arrested, forced into "therapy", incarcerated and forced to register as sex offenders for the crime of experimenting sexually with their friends.

Why is this being tolerated? Why aren't demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience taking place to protest this disgusting PERVERSION of our legal system?

How is it that adults who have even the slightest physical contact (sometimes not even intentionally sexual) with kids are permanently incarcerated and marginalized but cops, prosecutors and therapists can commit atrocities against children and never be held criminally, or even civilly, accountable? Hell, they don't even lose their jobs!

Yes, I am convinced; there IS evil in this world and much of it is committed by the self-righteous, self-proclaimed "child-savers" whose actual goal is to inflict great pain and suffering upon others. These are a power-hungry, sadistic breed who achieve their orgasms through the personal destruction of human beings, including kids.

So, let's stop being surprised that such evil exists and that our tax dollars sustain it. Let us start by standing up to these monsters who walk amongst us, unimpeded and unrestrained by any sense of humanity or decency or rule of law.

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