Fight to Keep Children Away From Killer Is Lost

This story makes remarkably clear the disparity in treatment between those who physically abuse or even murder children and those accused of having sex with them.

Hundreds of thousands of (mostly) men are serving extremely long, life-destroying sentences in U.S. prisons for some form of alleged sexual contact with minors, often consisting of little more than fondling and, sometimes, nothing whatsoever.

If they are so lucky as to ever get out (and not be re-incarcerated in civil commitment programs) their chances of ever leading a normal life again-let alone one that includes children-are extremely unlikely.

In this story, a woman who had murdered both of her children while they slept is released from a psychiatric hospital years later and is now a stepmother to two more kids. The kid's natural mother, now divorced from their father, is, naturally, concerned about this state of affairs, as any sane person would be.

But the courts have denied her bid to keep her children from living with their stepmother, believing her (the stepmother) to be fully recovered from her "temporary insanity". Not only that, it is asserted that, because she was "temporarily insane" at the time she shot her two daughters, "no crime was committed".

Let's be blunt: we live in a country which values the sexual chastity of children over their very lives.

Boulder police locate, arrest "sexually violent predator" for crime of not sleeping at homeless shelter

Boulder police locate, arrest sexually violent predator Kerry Whitfield

Why? Because he chose to stay away from the homeless shelter for several days which he had registered as his address.

He was not on parole or probation and so could not have been encumbered by legal regulations which required him to report to the shelter daily.

He's just homeless but lists the shelter as his address. And the busybodies at the shelter call the police to report him absent after several days when he didn't show up to sleep there.

In other words, unlike other sex offenders, he can't travel or leave his abode even briefly without being arrested for violating the sex registration rules.

Also worth noting, and refreshingly, the reporter defines "sexually violent predator" as it is used by odious laws. It is rare to see any journalist acknowledge that it does not require actual violence.