Boulder police locate, arrest "sexually violent predator" for crime of not sleeping at homeless shelter

Boulder police locate, arrest sexually violent predator Kerry Whitfield

Why? Because he chose to stay away from the homeless shelter for several days which he had registered as his address.

He was not on parole or probation and so could not have been encumbered by legal regulations which required him to report to the shelter daily.

He's just homeless but lists the shelter as his address. And the busybodies at the shelter call the police to report him absent after several days when he didn't show up to sleep there.

In other words, unlike other sex offenders, he can't travel or leave his abode even briefly without being arrested for violating the sex registration rules.

Also worth noting, and refreshingly, the reporter defines "sexually violent predator" as it is used by odious laws. It is rare to see any journalist acknowledge that it does not require actual violence.

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Dulantha said...

Tracking sex offenders will be the only duty of the police officers in future.