University of Washington wants sex offenders moved, Property Owner Suspects Ulterior Motives

October 12, 2007

"Carol Clarke believes in second chances. It's part of the reason she allows sex offenders who have served their prison time -- and have a plan for turning their lives around -- to live in the five houses she manages ...near the University of Washington. Clarke is mystified why suddenly, after seven years without problems, 13 sex offenders under state Department of Corrections supervision, who rent rooms in her homes along 18th Avenue Northeast, may have to find new places to live. ... Clarke suspects that the growing university wants to buy her houses. When she complained about her tenants being forced to move, she said, Godfrey told her, "There is a solution to our problem. We can buy a couple of your houses, and you can go set your program up somewhere else."" full story

Sex Offender Laws May Do More Harm Than Good

Sarah Tofte, for the Huffington Post
October 12, 2007
"It's not surprising that those who know something about the nature of sexual violence in the United States have started to criticize the way the laws treat former sex offenders. But it's a shame that politicians don't seem to be listening to the experts who could help to craft laws that might actually prevent sexual violence." read story

State defies high court over sex offenders: Hundreds will be sent back to prison for violating Jessica's Law

Michael Rothfeld, Los Angeles Times
October 12, 2007
SACRAMENTO -- — Vowing to fight an order from the state's highest court, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and corrections officials Thursday defiantly began sending hundreds of freed sex offenders back to prison for violating strict residency requirements imposed by voters last year. full story

Sex offenders' rights defended

Thursday, October 11, 2007 4:02 AM
Mary Beth Lane, The Columbus Dispatch

"Forcing a registered sex offender to leave a home that he bought before a residence-restriction law went into effect in 2003 violates his constitutional property rights, a lawyer for an offender told the Ohio Supreme Court yesterday".
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Mob beat up paedo slur victim

A vigilante mob have been jailed after storming the home of a man wrongly branded a paedophile and battering him and his son.

Christopher Peters was so terrified after locals on his estate falsely called him a pervert that he put in CCTV.

Mr Peters - cowering indoors after an earlier assault - answered his door, expecting police. But James Nicholson, 19, ex-soldier dad James Snr, 52, and Andrew Smith, 23, rushed in to attack him and son Anthony late at night in Hythe, Hants, in March.

Nicholson Snr, of Hythe, got 42 months for GBH and burglary and his son 28 months for ABH, GBH and two other offences. Smith, 23, got 32 months for ABH and GBH. All had previous convictions.

Southampton crown court judge John Boggis QC stressed Mr Peters was "not and has never been a paedophile".

Ordinance would restrict where sex offenders could go

Tuesday, October 9, 2007
" CANYON LAKE -- A proposed ordinance favored by the City Council would prohibit sex offenders from being within 500 feet of parks, beaches and bus stops. The ordinance would further restrict how close a sex offender could live -- and visit -- to these public places". full story

Judge strikes sex offense commitment law

By Mike Baker, Associated Press Writer

RALEIGH, N.C. — The U.S. government cannot keep sex offenders in custody beyond the end of their prison sentences, a federal judge has ruled, striking down a law aimed at holding some in mental hospitals. full story

Counterpunch Urges Support for Reform of Sex Offender Laws

By PAUL SHANNON, Counterpunch Magazine
July 10, 2007
You can sign this public statement at Reform Sex Offender Laws website to support the reform of existing sex offender laws.

"There is today in our country a growing threat to our legal system, to the rights of all of us, to the quality of life of children, and to common sense. This threat has been fanned by prosecutors, nurtured by the media, and ignored by those who usually speak out against such dangers. In its most narrow sense this threat can be defined as the particular approach to sexual deviance embodied in ever-more-draconian laws against all behaviors labeled "sex offenses" -- including those committed by minors -- and in the sex offender registries of every state and the Federal government. In this approach to sex offenses slander, hysteria and demonization often replace reason, solid research and proportionality". full story

Reform Sex Offender Laws: A Call to Protect American Society, our Children and our Liberties

(Sign the Petition! at website)

"This is the statement of a group of concerned Americans, including educators, health workers, and community activists, based on a similar Call issued in Boston in 1999. We urge others to join us in this campaign". go to Reform Sex Offender Laws to read petition

Sex-offender ghettos: Get-tough laws force predators to move but do little to make kids safer

Sunday, October 7, 2007
By Mary Beth Lane

"There is not a shred of evidence to suggest that the laws do anything to protect children," he said. "There is a growing consensus in the treatment, law-enforcement and victim's-rights communities that these laws are feel-good, fear-driven political measures that actually make the community less safe."
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