State defies high court over sex offenders: Hundreds will be sent back to prison for violating Jessica's Law

Michael Rothfeld, Los Angeles Times
October 12, 2007
SACRAMENTO -- — Vowing to fight an order from the state's highest court, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and corrections officials Thursday defiantly began sending hundreds of freed sex offenders back to prison for violating strict residency requirements imposed by voters last year. full story

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Zot said...

Won't it be funny when the courts side with the parolees being illegally rounded up and award large damage settlements? No?

Given the numbers the amount could easily run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Think of that as your college tuition rises, as your libraries close and as your roads and dams collapse.

I wonder if we can hold the governor personally liable and force him to sell off his 5 HUMVEEs?