One Of Hundreds Who Are Arrested Weekly For The Crime Of Not Registering

[Ed: In essence, the government created his "crime". His was a "status" crime: The government stripped him of rights other citizens still (for the time being) possess and despite the fact that he had already served his time in prison. His "crime" was simply to assert his liberties and to insist that they could not be permanently shorn from him.

By not staying on the short leash they had decided to tie him up with, he became a "criminal" charged with a felony for NOT doing something that the rest of us take for granted: the right to be "let alone". By doing nothing, he committed a "crime" and will pay for it with what little freedom he possesses.

If he's lucky, he will get out of prison before he dies. If he's very unlucky, he will be attacked by real criminals who sate their own bloodlust and elevate their own deservedly wretched sense of importance by torturing or killing "molesters".

By refusing to acknowledge the government's control over him in a way that no other free citizen would tolerate, by making the decision to "disappear" from the radar of the police state because his life had become so intolerable, he will likely never see the outside of a prison cell again.

Ask yourself this question: if your rights had been stripped from you and you were forced to be treated by all of society as scum, often for little reason (which is what many sex offenses amount to) wouldn't you want to disappear, too? ]

Wisconsin fugitive arrested in Idaho

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (AP) -- Idaho police say they have apprehended a sex offender who eluded Wisconsin authorities for 14 years.

Garden City police say 65-year-old Dale Dolan was arrested Saturday at a local trailer park.

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections says Dolan was convicted in Dane and St. Croix counties in 1985. He was charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child. He fled the state following his parole in 1994.

Dolan was supposed to register as a sex offender for life. Officials say he has been living in several states the last 14 years.

Wallace says the arresting officers acted on a tip that Dolan was living in Garden City, located just west of Boise.

Dolan is in jail awaiting extradition to Wisconsin.

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