What "Treatment" Looks Like for Kids Accused Of Sexual Abuse

There is an extremely creepy "therapy" program in Phoenix, Arizona for kids accused of child sexual abuse. The same discredited voodoo pseudo-science that is widely reviled by legitimate mental health professionals as it is used on adults is being used on kids, many of whom are as young as ten. These "treatments" include:
  • being forced to inhale ammonia fumes as "aversion therapy" while viewing "deviant" pornography
  • having the circumferences of their penises measured to see what arouses them sexually and to ensure that they don't have "inappropriate" responses.
  • group degradation sessions in which the "therapists" attempt to destroy the child's sense of self so that it might be later recreated in the image their tormentors would prefer them to have.
If this doesn't outrage you, I can't imagine what could.

*Note: Dear Reader, after looking at this story again I realized that the date of the original story in the Arizona Republic was dated July 1992. I have no idea if the conditions under which child offenders are being treated in Phoenix Arizona are now better or worse than they were in 1992. I suspect that the authorities have become more sophisticated in covering their asses but remain just as indifferent to the emotional well-being of kids.

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