‘No age of consent law’: Gay Irish Presidential candidate digs in deeper

Editor: David Norris clearly establishes here his courage while relinquishing any possibility of becoming Ireland's next President.

Predictable are the comments pouring in as a reaction to his statements. What is obvious from reading through some of these is that much of the public wants him to be punished, criminally if possible, for voicing his heartfelt, if socially radioactive, opinions.

David Norris has failed the moral litmus test of our times, engineered as it was, by the unlikely cabal of religious fascists in league with angry female supremacists some thirty years ago but which has long since become mainstream. His renunciation of all that is pure and divine in the eyes of the mob which we euphemistically refer to as "society" will cost him dearly. He is courageous, indeed!

DUBLIN, June 9, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Homosexualist Irish presidential hopeful David Norris is fighting to maintain his candidacy amidst even more revelations that he supports “classical pedophilia” and opposes any law specifying an age of consent for sex.

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