The DSK Effect: French Media Starts Reporting the Peccadilloes (and Pedophilia) of Politicos

Of course, those French who say so are correct; we have been witnessing the spread of puerile American puritanism and for about 30 years now. That's precisely what it is. The result of right wing religious fanatics in league with left-wing female supremacists in the early '80's who had, as a common interest, a hatred of human sexuality and human liberty and a desire to foment hysteria and aggrandize power. C'est Ca! That is the basis upon which we have lost much of our liberty in the U.S. and, increasingly, in much of the rest of the world, by fanning the torch flames with shrieks of "protect the children from pedophiles!". It is always through hysteria and paranoia that we lose our liberties and often the topics of children and sex are the fuel that is thrown on the fire.

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