Registered Offenders Rights Being Defended

by Betty Price, Founder "Roar for Freedom"
October 14, 2007

"It is time for all Registered Sex Offenders to file these lawsuits. No one in the injustice system cares what happens to the entire family. In most instances, the family has to move to an apartment or another house, pay rent on where they are living and pay a mortgage on their house while trying to sell it. I pray this Gentleman and his Attorney take this as far as they can, if they have to. ...If more Registered Sex Offenders would fight back like this Gentleman, perhaps you could make some changes in these ignorant laws. Stop thinking fearfully and think logically and smartly."... "The right to own property in this country is a fundamental right. Why is he being deprived of a fundamental right to own and enjoy property?" Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer"

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