Chesapeake ( VA) Wants To Add Community Centers, Parks and Libraries to List of Places Sex Offenders Can't Approach

November 8, 2007
Associated Press & 13News

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (AP) -- Chesapeake leaders want to add community centers, parks and maybe even libraries to the list of places that sex offenders can't approach.

The city plans to ask state legislators to amend the Virginia code to prevent convicted sex offenders from going within 100 feet of any public recreational area, community center or park.

Delegate John Cosgrove is supportive of the effort. He says it's a way to protect children and is "something we should have done a while ago."

"It just didn't make any sense to see that a sexual predator could have that type of access to a place with kids and vunerable folks," Cosgrove told 13News. "So, we need to make sure that that loophole is closed."

Board member Steve Johnson says he has heard of web sites that point predators to parks and recreation centers to find children. Full Story

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