Son Convicted in Mother's Murder Kills Sex Offender In Prison

A California State Prison inmate, who as a Rocklin teenager was convicted of strangling his mother and keeping her in a back room while he partied, is suspected of fatally stabbing another inmate Thursday. Steven Matthew "Matt" Schultz, now 28, is suspected of stabbing Shannon Lee Graling, 53, in the neck with a homemade weapon at the Folsom facility, according to a prison representative. Graling was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was serving 400 years plus 25-years-to-life for child molestation offenses. In 1999, a Placer County jury found Schultz guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his mother, 40-year-old Barbara Schultz, two years earlier. Schultz was 17 at the time. His mother’s body was found chained to a propane tank and weighted down in a rock quarry. Schultz was sentenced to 25-years-life in prison.

[Ed: One more murder of one more sex offender whose blood is on the California Department of Corrections' hands. The C.D.C. remains indifferent and unconcerned at the suffering and violence suffered by those convicted of sex crimes, particularly those involving children. In this, as well as many other respects, they closely resemble the more savage of those whom they imprison.]


Anonymous said...

The sex offender who was murdered was sentenced to 400 years in prison and would have remained in prison until his death. Matt Schultz simply did a favor to CA taxpayers by removing a dangerous criminal. If prisoners weren't afforded so many rights, those sentenced to the death penalty and/or life in prison would not be afforded such a luxury as living out their remaining days with regular meals, a place to sleep and other amenities that so many law abiding citizens can not afford.

Keith said...

Glad the sex offended died a horrible death. I'm going to send the guy who did it a hundred dollars.

Kevin said...

What ridiculous comments by, obviously, those who have not expierienced prison, or have been a victim and perpetrator of sex crimes, as I have.Anonymous, who won't even leave his real name, has no idea the emotional horror and constant treat of violence. Those "regular meals"? Anything but. Place to sleep? Yes, if you can sleep through the tremendous noise of inmates yelling back and forth to each other. No wonder this country is in such turmoil, and kids continue to get molested, because no one wants to deal with this issue intelligently. "Let's just kill them all" is th mentality, and solves nothing.