Porter County sex offenders to pay fees


The Porter County Sheriff's Department invests a lot of time and money in maintaining the county's sex offender and violent offender registry.

But starting May 1, the department will charge fees to offenders to recoup some of the costs of keeping track of them.

Offenders -- such as convicted child molesters and rapists who are required to register -- will have to pay a $50 annual registration fee. Offenders who move will pay a $5 change of address fee.
Because the registry is part of a state mandate, Indiana law allows counties to implement the fee. State law also dictates who must register for the local lists.

"We've had to create a position to track and register these offenders. New equipment and manpower is needed to do this, and that's the reason for the fees," said Lt. Chris Eckert, police spokesman.

With 125 to 150 offenders to keep track of, several of whom move each month, the fees are expected to raise $6,000 to $10,000 annually. Ten percent of the fees will go back to the state, and the remainder will remain with the Sheriff's Department.

The registry is designed to let residents know if a sex offender or violent offender is living near them. To see the registry, visit portercountysheriff.com and click on sex offenders. [ED: So now sex offenders are going to have pay for the privilege of having vastly fewer rights and suffering continuous legally sanctioned harassment. This is reminiscent of the Nazis charging the Jews for the damage caused by Kristallnacht in which hundreds (of Jews) were killed and terrorized and their homes and businesses destroyed.]

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Anonymous said...

In the film "Brazil" the authorities raid, arrest, interrogate, and apparently kill the wrong man. They immediately send the bill for their expense to the widow. The sort of bizarre, over-governmentalized world of the film is quickly becoming reality in America.