To catch a sex offender in schools; Over-Priced Government Program Launched to Forestall the Abduction of THOUSANDS of Kids From Schools Each Year

ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Rock Hill schools have a new system in place to keep unwanted visitors away from students. All 25 schools in district three of York County can check a person’s name against a national sex offender database.

“For a number of years we wanted to have a system in place where we would know who’s in our school and for what purpose,” said Elaine Baker, school district spokesperson.

As technology advances, signing in on a piece of paper wasn’t enough. Now, school visitors have to type their name on a computer.

"If their name shows up and they're not at the school for a good reason, than they have no reason to be there and we quietly say bye, bye,” Baker said.

South Carolina lists 265 registered sex offenders in Rock Hill.

WCNC put the new school security system to the test by using the name of a local sex offender to sign in at Sullivan Middle School.

Instead of printing out a visitor’s badge, a school employee asked to see a picture ID. She wanted to compare the ID with photos of sex offenders that appeared on her computer screen.
"Your last name popped up on our system,” said the school worker.

The district knows the system is not perfect. They're supposed to ask for a picture ID anyway if they don't recognize you.

A parent at Sullivan Middle School was identified as a sex offender. That parent only has access to his child while being escorted.
[Ed: Again, ask yourselves this question: when was the last time that you heard of a sex offender abducting a child from a school? This is a "solution" in search of a problem!]

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