Court upholds law barring single parents living with sex offenders

The Iowa Supreme Court has upheld a law that bars single parents from living with sex offenders.

The case involves a Coralville woman who was found guilty of child
endangerment and sentenced to one year probation. The woman, Holly
Mitchell, lived with a convicted sex offender and let her children stay with the
man while she was at work.

Mitchell appealed her conviction, claiming the state's law is
unconstitutional because it treats people who are not married and living
with a sex offender differently than people who are married and living
with a sex offender.

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected that argument, saying it's
reasonable to believe that an unmarried parent living with a sex offender poses a
greater risk to a child than a parent who is married to a sex offender. [Ed: Huh?]

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mel38occi said...

An adult has the right to live with a convicted sex offender EXCEPT when the adult is a parent. In either situation married or a single parent the parent that is not the convicted sex offender has an obligation to exercise protection over their children, by living with a convicted sex offender the single parent was clearly acting in her own best interest and not in the best interest of her children, When a person decides to have children they give up the right to only think of themselves they may not agree with and may even dislike the fact that they have to put their children first but tough thats the way it is. I believe the law applies to both it may not be in the books that way but look at it this way when a married couple have children and one of the two adults takes it upon themselves to hurt their children with abuse and the other parent sits by and does nothing to stop it and the child tells, the parent that hurt the child is arrested they go to court, the parent that did not actually commit the act is held responsible because they did nothing to stop it or did nothing to prevent future acts they are equally responsible for the harm done to said child or children.