Vigilante hunted down alleged paedophile

County Durham, U.K.

A vigilante who armed herself with a large kitchen knife to attack an alleged paedophile has been spared jail.

Michelle Smith said she was "going to kill" the Sunderland man who she believed had been involved in a sexual offence against a child, and also his partner.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the potential victims of the knife attack were not at home and Smith was arrested when a neighbour contacted the police.

The 39-year-old told officers: "I took a large knife with me.

"I was going to stick them both.

"He's not going to get away with it.

"I was going to kill both of them, I had a lot of vodka to drink to give me courage."

Smith, of Patrick Crescent, South Hetton, admitted having an offensive weapon.

Defence barrister Julian Smith said Smith was drunk when the incident happened.

Mr Recorder Hatton told her: "You cannot take the law into your own hands in the way that you did.

"You cannot take weapons to other people."

The judge sentenced Smith to a community order for two years with supervision. 

[Ed: And now for one of those delightful reader comments which appeared below the original story]:

J.Moffatt, chilton says...

5:39pm Fri 21 Nov 08

The only cure for filthy paedo scum is execution.I'm glad this lady wasn't jailed.For once could our police protect children from paedo filth,because they can always protect child molestors fom so called vigilantes and angry parents.

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