School speed zones benefit child predators

[Ed: Yes, dear reader, you read that correctly. It would seem that TERRY WHEET (gender unspecified) of Elmira Heights, New York, would prefer that children be hit by cars and possibly killed than that they be gazed upon by "child predators fulfilling their perverted needs". Terry has identified this as a real issue worthy of discussion and, the scary thing is, lawmakers seem to be listening to the Terry Wheets of the world. ]

School zone speed limits are everywhere these days. Supporters of this program say it makes the students safer because vehicles are traveling slower in the school zone.

While school districts are spending and taxing us out of existence, they apparently forgot to teach students to stay out of the road.

I believe the lower speed limit is foolish and dangerous. It allows a child predator to cruise the school zone at a speed beneficial to their perverted need to cause harm to a child. Normally, a vehicle traveling at 20 mph would be considered suspicious; now it can blend in with all the other slow-moving vehicles.

It is not the job of the government to have a rule for everything that occurs in daily life. It is time for everyone to take a little responsibility, think for themselves and pass their knowledge and common sense to the younger people in society -- without having a regulation telling them how to do it.


Elmira Heights

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