Sex Crime Loophole Closure Act Introduced

Ed: Yes, those pesky "loopholes" which have provided judges with some level of discretion in sentencing are the target of yet another ambitious legislator. Although lacking imagination ("worst-of-the-worst", "sexually violent predators", etc.) he will, no doubt, effectively conjure forth the 'anti-demons' amongst Californians and his constituency and rally the press behind his distorted view of reality. A reality that defines "sexually violent" as having sex with someone under the age of 14 - no further "violence" necessary. And of course he's talking about JUVENILE OFFENDERS. Hmmm.... sounds like kids fooling around to me. But I'm sure Pedro Nava NEVER engaged in sexual exploration as a child! Surely not!

Sex Crime Loophole Closure Act Introduced by Assemblymember Pedro Nava

Sacramento–California State Assemblymember Pedro Nava announced the introduction of the Sex Crime Loophole Closure Act, a measure to protect our communities from sexually violent predators.

"We need to make sure that the worst of the worst offenders do not inflict more harm on our neighborhoods," said Nava. "This measure provides vital protections to victims, their families and communities from sexually violent predators."

AB 61, The Sex Crime Loophole Closure Act, will prohibit authorities from granting "deferred entry of judgment" to juveniles who have committed sex offenses. Deferred judgment can be used to "launder" or expunge egregious sex crimes from a juvenile´s record. This measure will stop the practice of sending juveniles straight to probation if they have committed egregious sex crimes.

Said Harriet Salarno, Chair, Crime Victims United of California (CVUC), "Crime Victims United of California appreciates Assemblyman Nava´s commitment to ensuring juveniles who commit sex crimes have complete records by eliminating their opportunity for deferred entry of judgment. The nature of sex crimes committed by juveniles provides good insight into the individual´s potential sexual and violent tendencies as an adult. Research shows that many sex offenders began their sexually abusive behavior as juveniles. It is for this reason CVUC supports AB 61 and the protection from these offenders it offers to victims."

Said Ron Cottingham, President of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), "AB 61 will close the longstanding loophole created by Proposition 21 in 2000 that allows juveniles who are sexually violent predators to get a "slap on the wrist", be allowed on local probation and have these violent crimes erased from their records. Proposition 21 prevents these juvenile offenders from obtaining necessary treatment and further endangers the citizens of their community."

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