KKK Plans Anti-Sex Offender & Illigal Immigrant Rally In Georgia

Ed: See! The K.K.K. isn't so bad, after all! They're just concerned like everyone else. In fact, I would say that they're right in-step with the rest of America.

A Ku Klux Klan rally is planned for Nahunta, a small southeast Georgia city in Brantley County, for this Saturday from noon until 2 pm. The Knight Riders of the KKK said the rally will focus on illegal immigration and sex offenders. The major of the city has urged people to `go about their business`.

City clerk Angela Wirth told the Associated Press that the Klan organization`s grand dragon says he`s expecting a turnout of about 100.

Wirth says that until now there has never been a Klan rally in the city, which is about 275 miles from Atlanta.

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