Arab Spring, American Winter

While the Middle-East and North Africa see glimmers of hope on the horizon of human rights and liberty, Americans are falling all over themselves trying to give up their own liberties.

Here is another attempt to further strip away the rights of registered "sex offenders".

This proposed federal legislation would closely resemble Soviet-era restrictions on travel and would deny American citizens who have served their time in prison the right TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY!

A very nasty and ugly law!

International Megan's Law of 2011


Dulantha said...

This is totally injustice and inhuman.
I am not from US, but the thing what i can see is there is a real war against heterosexuality in US. I believe that almost all of these offenders according to the sex offender laws are heterosexual men. Gender hypocrisy blinds the society too.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!