Man committed to Iowa's sexually violent predator unit

[ED: As I have previously pointed out:

"The term "Sexually Violent Predator" ("S.V.P.") has a meaning under California law, as well as those of most other states [including Iowa's, see below], quite distinct from that of any reasonable person. As it is now defined, neither actual violence nor coercion is needed for a crime to meet the statutory definition of "sexually violent". The age of the victim (such as under the age of 14), non-familial victims or past convictions are some criteria useful in branding someone "S.V.P." That this definitional shift has occurred during a period of mass hysteria over sex offenders cannot be seen as coincidental. Prisons and "hospitals" have been constructed and filled beyond limit nationwide on a wave of distorted public opinion."

That's the first thing I want you to realize before reading this news account about a "sexually violent predator".

I would also like to point out the "S.V.P." in this case had, as a child of 13, "inappropriately touched a 10-year-old boy" and had, as a result been "placed in a residential treatment facility for more than two years."

I would like to pause for a moment and have you, dear reader, consider just what that means.

It means that our children and adolescents are now absolutely barred from NORMAL sexual exploration! That they are to be pathologized and LOCKED-UP (in this case, for TWO YEARS!) for "inappropriate" touching!

This is the new face of evil. Now what the hell are we going to do about this? ]

A man who was sexually and physically abused as a child and then went on to abuse children himself is the first person from Jackson County to be committed to Iowa’s sexually violent predator unit.

Donald DeMoss Jr., 33, is one of more than 70 people who reside in the 10-year-old unit at Cherokee.

District Judge Mark Cleve ruled that DeMoss is likely to “engage in predatory acts constituting sexually violent offenses if he is not confined in a secure facility.”

According to court documents:

DeMoss was sexually and physically abused by relatives beginning at the age of 8 years. He first abused another person at the age of 13, when he inappropriately touched a 10-year-old boy. After that incident, DeMoss was placed in a residential treatment facility for more than two years.
At the age of 26 or 27, DeMoss repeatedly abused three young girls who were left in his care. He also sexually abused the child of a relative who had abused him. He was convicted of lascivious acts with a child in 2000 and spent time in prison.

Three years later, he was convicted of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl. He was sent to prison again.

DeMoss testified “that, during this second period of imprisonment, he realized he knew he had a problem and that he had to change his life,” documents state. He participated in two years of sex offender treatment. While in prison, he also admitting to abusing a young girl and telling her that he would kill her mother if she notified anyone.

Also, DeMoss told officials he decided to enter treatment because he knew he had a problem he could not control, documents state. Iowa officials offered evidence that DeMoss told his counselors he was afraid he would reoffend.
DeMoss denied making that statement, as well as a statement agreeing with his diagnosis of pedophilia. Also, DeMoss first said he was attracted to young girls, but later contended that he meant 13- to 14-year-old girls.

Finally, DeMoss said that if he were released from custody, he would live with his grandparents on a farm in rural Jackson County and would make money by doing chores there. He also indicated that he planned to receive psychiatric treatment and attend school to become a sex abuse counselor.

Experts for both the state and DeMoss testified, with the court calling into question the credibility of one of DeMoss’s experts.

Ultimately, Cleve determined that the state proved the three items necessary for a civil commitment: that DeMoss had been convicted of, or charged with, a sexually violent crime, that he suffers from a mental abnormality and that the abnormality makes him likely to offend again if he is not confined.

DeMoss has appealed the decision.

IOWA'S definition of "SEXUALLY VIOLENT PREDATOR", CODE 229A: [read the whole perversion of justice here]

10. "Sexually violent offense" means:
a. A violation of any provision of chapter 709.
b. A violation of any of the following if the offense involves sexual abuse, attempted sexual abuse, or intent to commit sexual abuse:
(1) Murder as defined in section 707.1.
(2) Kidnapping as defined in section 710.1.
(3) Burglary as defined in section 713.1.
(4) Child endangerment under section 726.6, subsection 1, paragraph "e".
c. Sexual exploitation of a minor in violation of section 728.12, subsection 1.
d. Pandering involving a minor in violation of section 725.3, subsection 2.
e. An offense involving an attempt or conspiracy to commit any offense referred to in this subsection.
f. An offense under prior law of this state or an offense committed in another jurisdiction which would constitute an equivalent offense under paragraphs "a" through "e".
g. Any act which, either at the time of sentencing for the offense or subsequently during civil commitment proceedings pursuant to this chapter, has been determined beyond a reasonable doubt to have been sexually motivated.

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