Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011

As always, fear and hysteria are the primary tools used to strip citizens of essential liberties and privacy.

Our lawmaker's arguments are persuasive to those ignorant of essential facts and unable to rationally assess risk and danger in its absence. Tragically, this appears to be most everyone in our country today.

The media, having long since thrown off their traditional responsibility of providing their public with hard information gained through principled investigation independent of government manipulation, are simply unavailable to question the veracity of politically-sourced allegations and fabricated statistics. Indeed, the media now serve mainly as conduits of propaganda, both government and organizational, for its distribution to a similarly unquestioning public.

Both the media and politicians discovered long ago that the way to get the public's attention was to discuss the sex lives of others and that the way to enrage them was to explosively combine the topic of sex with the topic of children.

And the results are all around us: more government, less freedom, more misinformation, more fear and a wildly unbalanced, unhappy and distrustful society.,228708/printable.html

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Dulantha said...

All these bad effects must be compared with acceptable heterosexual life style. Otherwise people who hate nature and natural sexuality can misuse the words like "Sexual offenses", "Sexual abuse","Child abuse"......etc